Does Sennheiser use this cardboard packaging? (If they don't, they should)

We can't figure out if this packaging for the Sennhesier CX 300 headphones — made entirely of cardboard — is real or just a design prototype. Clearly previous CX 300 were packaged in the typical hard plastic shell, but perhaps Sennheiser has adopted this easy-to-recycle packaging. But if they have, John brought up a very good point: what retailer is going to accept something so easily slashed and swiped? Those horrible blister packs that are impossible to open are impossible to open on purpose: they're designed to make shoplifting more difficult. Anyway, has anyone seen this in the wild? I'd like to thing it's real. And if it's just a prototype, well, good job! Eco Friendly Packaging [Design Muse via The Dieline]
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10 Responses to Does Sennheiser use this cardboard packaging? (If they don't, they should)

  1. cyklo says:

    Yes, it’s real. It’s 100% cardboard, with the main body (as in the photo) made of thick recycled corrugated, which goes inside a thin box of recycled card, and then a small band of unrecycled white card with a colourful design printed on it, wraps around the outside, preventing you from opening it until you tear the banner apart.

    Also, r.e the theft issue, it is online only – the model is called the “CX300 Eco”, and it’s an Amazon-Sennheiser exclusive thingy.

  2. deejayqueue says:

    Most retailers that are concerned for small-size high-ticket items just put them in those re-useable clamshells that have the un-deactivatable EAS coil in them. The cashier has the key thing to open the clamshell, and they’re made of super-heavy-duty lexan so you can’t just slash them open. Most places that let you pick your own ink off the shelf use these, as well as for memory sticks/cards, small HDs, anything small but expensive.

  3. mistercharlie says:

    Those blister packs are the DRM of physical goods. Only the honest people are affected. Shoplifters carry box cutters and open them up in a faraway corner of the shop in a couple seconds.

  4. shutz says:

    I bet you that if this type of packaging is ever widely used in stores, it’ll be completely sealed inside a plastic blister pack.

    I recently bought a Canon digital camera at Future Shop, and they had the nice cardboard box packaged inside a completely pointless blister pack that contained nothing more than a thin piece of paper to add some color to the blister packaging and frame the box.

    If only the plastic in those blister packs was (more) biodegradable, or even made out of bioplastic, or something similar, it would help.

    Also, Sennheiser earbuds: the best-sounding 30$ earbuds I’ve ever owned, hands-down.

  5. Silva says:

    Blister packs are awful. I made a large dent on my brand new X360 Windows gamepad while trying to open one.

  6. hectorinwa says:

    I am a packaging designer and I agree it would be great if we could use packages like that, but most big retailers (Target for example) will return any opened package as defective, forcing us to make the impossible to open clamshells we’ve all grown to hate

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s real. My girlfriend bought a pair of them from Amazon last week, we were amazed at the sheer volume of corrugated cardboard used in the packaging. It’s an entire block of cardboard!

  8. julian says:

    I’m not entirely sure why they only seem to be available with said packaging from Amazon UK, but regardless, they’re still great headphones. Comfortable, great sounding, with surprisingly decent sound blocking, especially since they (albeit silently…) revised them a little while ago to give them an iPhone-friendly jack.

  9. mralistair says:

    yep i got that as well.. it is really well put together but they could probably used half as much.. still better than polystyrene or whatever.

    plus it feels really solid… and can be used as a 3d jigsaw once you have removed the headphones (which are very good BTW)

  10. mralistair says:

    regarding this vs blister pack, the cables are quite intertwined with the cardboard, it is the work of a secont or two to get them out, I don’t think it would be significantly easier than with blisterpacks, plus you’d need a knife for either operation.

    or maybe this is for online sales only?

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