Multi-color magic cat clocks

The Multi Color Magic Cat clock is a day-glo cheshire, staring at you from the dark while his pupils eerily divide into time-telling digits. They're cheap, too: only $19 bucks on eBay. [via technabob]
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4 Responses to Multi-color magic cat clocks

  1. Jake0748 says:

    Some excellent Engrish from the description on Ebay:

    “LED display on the cat eyes gives you a fresh feel of clock”.


  2. mmbb says:

    …needs more steampunk! hahahaha

  3. Frank_in_Virginia says:

    Mine came yesterday. Funny the photographs (here and on eBay) don’t show it is a full cat standing on a round platform, tail in the air, out-stretched arms. It stands 7 1/4″ (18.5cm) tall and 4 1/4″ (11cm) wide. Also if you get one, the Month / Day setting is DD/MM. It drove me nuts trying to get what I thought was the day to go past 12.

  4. Enochrewt says:

    Bird, Bird, Giant Eye, Pyramid, Bird, Giant Eye, Dead Fish, Cat Head, Cat Head

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