iPod parody in new Venture Bros.

This isn't really the greatest nor most timely reference, but I'll take any excuse I can get to link you to the latest episode of the finest cartoon ever made, The Venture Bros.
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15 Responses to iPod parody in new Venture Bros.

  1. Chris Tucker says:

    One thing that was confirmed in S3E1:

    Dr. Girlfriend has a great butt and legs.

    Yes, I have the hots for Dr. Girlfriend.

    No, I feel no shame about this.

  2. Puck says:

    I for one joined the shirt of the week club as soon as I heard about it, its so great, there old comic book style ad for it alone made me wanna join and sofar the shirts have not disappointed.

  3. MrPhil says:

    For what it’s worth, at least seeing it in freeze-frame made me realize that it’s a silhouette of Jonas Jr.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “IGNORE ME!!”

  5. NorrinRazael says:

    “but I’ll take any excuse I can get…”
    And rightly so. He’s David Bowie, you know.

  6. cha0tic says:

    Bugger. It must contain state secrets. I’m not allowed to watch it in the UK.

  7. Raian says:

    Americans only- proof of citizenship required

  8. Anonymous says:

    gah, i hate how this never lets me log in at work… anyways, i agree 12000% on the finest cartoon ever made. perhaps the finest show ever made, but my view is terribly subjective. the year and a half wait for season three was a wasteland of bad ideas and failed adult swim.. failures. there isnt a show on TV as packed with subversive gen X/Y references and humor on the planet. jonas hocking crypods? whatta jetsetter. im dying for tonights episode, that DVR finally is worth its weight in gold.

  9. Anonyman says:


    Venture Bros. is a codeword for the secret American plan to invade Great Britain.

  10. Enochrewt says:

    I’ve been trying to think of a clever Venture Brother’s comment for this story, but I can’t, so….

    Best. Show. Ever.

  11. Stefan Jones says:

    I watched the season opener yesterday. The one about The Monarch.

    Man, that was sweet.

    Not “Yo man, sweet!” but “Oooooh, how sweet!

    Hmm, actually it looks like that was the second episode of the season. I hope my Myth box recorded it.

  12. slugabed says:

    According to the commentary on the DVDs, Johnas Jr. was supposed to have invented several important items between Season 1 and 2, including the ipod. This was to reinforce the failure of Dr V.

    Thats why if you see ipods looking devices in the show they have a “V” on the front.

  13. El Stinko says:

    Of course, you all know about the Venture Bros. t-shirt club right? Apparently it’s sponsored by the show’s creators (Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer) not Cartoon Netowrk, which is interesting…


  14. michaelportent says:

    Dr. Girlfriend: Sweetie, isn’t that the guy from Depeche Mode?

    The Monarch: Oh, no way! Where? Holy crap, he’s with a girl?

    Dr. Girlfriend: Oh yeah, that guy is totally straight. I saw a whole thing about him on the VH-1.

    The Monarch: But he’s the guy from Depeche Mode! It’s impossible.

    Dr. Girlfriend: Straight.

    The Monarch: Come on! He’s in Depeche Mode!

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