DIY robot fingers cheat at Guitar Hero in style

Near Future Laboratory's "Scale" is an experiment in solenoids, cheating and getting power output just right.
Not knowing a heck of a lot about solenoids in practice – I know what they do, and, as an example of the sometimes impracticality of higher-ed, am fairly fluent in the E&M principles at work here. But, when it comes to the practical matter of finding one with the necessary “umph” to articulate a simple controller’s buttons, it’s all guess work.
The first attempt, using cheap $2 solenoids, couldn't even depress the buttons. The final setup works, NFL reports, but is "less umph-y" than one 24 volt set previously experimented with. Scale [NFL]

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3 Responses to DIY robot fingers cheat at Guitar Hero in style

  1. Enochrewt says:

    And yet the orange button still gets ignored by the masses, humans and solenoids alike.

  2. The Rabbit Ambulance says:

    I concur with Slugabed. This alone isn’t gonna be able to play GH.
    It would be fun if there was a controller for the artificial fingers, so you could play GH remotely.

  3. slugabed says:

    I’m not sure what this does exactly. Is this a smaller part of another project somewhere? Pressing the buttons is only half the battle. It has to know when to push them.

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