Video: Bioshock scenes reenacted, girl slapped

The new web series Hey Ashly, Whatcha Playing is coming together nicely. Don't watch this unless you want Bioshock spoiled, though! Hey Ashly, Whatcha Playing: Episode Three [Destructoid]
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4 Responses to Video: Bioshock scenes reenacted, girl slapped

  1. magic whiskey says:

    “Would you kindree?” Haha! I love it!

    (I wish I had a girlfriend that enjoyed gaming this much!)

  2. searconflex says:

    HAR! loads o’ lols

  3. umbilicaleyeball says:

    What a comely girl. Very entertaining.

  4. ridestowe says:

    i was not a fan, it seemed merely like a poor acting job and some cheap humor cut in.

    andrew ryan did it better.

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