BébéSounds Angelcare Movement Sensor squawks when your baby moves

The "BébéSounds Angelcare Movement Sensor" isn't new, but that's not a bad thing, especially when its retained such a healthy positive rating on Amazon — 4.5 stars out of five with over 300 reviews. It distinguishes itself from regular baby monitors by the inclusion of a movement sensor. When the sensor is placed under the child, a small "tic" sound is transmitted every time the baby moves. If no movement is detected for 20 seconds, an alarm will sound. (The audible tic can be replaced with a light flash, as well.) Why would you care to know every movement your baby makes? Many parents fear losing their child to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, a mysterious crib death which can occur for reasons we don't yet understand. There's some thought that SIDS could be caused by children choking, breathing in their own exhaled CO2, or suffocating under blankets or loose clothing. Whatever the cause, some parents find the knowledge of their child's every move to be a comfort. BébéSounds Angelcare Movement Sensor [Oh GIzmo!]
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6 Responses to BébéSounds Angelcare Movement Sensor squawks when your baby moves

  1. bonafidebob says:

    We have this set. The one thing they fail to mention in the manual is that the alarm also goes off 20 seconds after you pick up the baby. (No baby = no movement.) Easy to forget when it’s 2AM. We disconnected the movement sensor pretty quickly after a couple of false alarms.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There is a pretty good case that we know the cause of SIDS:


    They think it’s caused by the toxic gases released when a certain fungus munches down on the chemicals used to fireproof the baby’s mattress. The gas is heavier than air, so babies on their back are less likely to be submerged in it than those on their stomachs. The New Zealanders stick the mattress in a plastic bag and have seen a dramatic decline in SIDS.

  3. Chris Brewer says:

    We’re still using ours and first heard about them from our neighbours, who used it with the tick, but that was so annoying we never used ours with it switched on.

    We only forgot to switch it off a couple of times, but then it becomes ingrained. The most annoying thing is if you forget to switch off the remote before switching off the main unit you get loud white noise coming out of the remote, even if the volume is all the way down.

  4. nabru says:

    SID was explained in chuck palahniuk’s lullaby. READ IT!!

  5. noggin says:

    We used a similar monitor with our first baby and I probably wouldn’t have been able to sleep at all without the reassuring blinks of its light of life

    New baby just came home this afternoon so up into the loft I go…

  6. gabrielm says:

    You keep your baby in the loft?

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