Keyboard design lacks keys

Keyboards with no physical feedback are a singular offense against nature: it's one of those design canards that never goes away. Kong Fanwen's No-Key Keyboard is the latest, but it does have one bonus: beauty! How might these things be made to work? The keys could have some kind of electrical response, perhaps ... but it couldn't then go in the au naturel dishwasher for the ad, could it? Lights, Camera, Glass…Action! [Yanko]

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4 Responses to Keyboard design lacks keys

  1. konshuss says:

    i think that’s a photo of someone throwing it into the ocean.

  2. Benny says:

    What’s that stuff manufacturers like to include on touch screens, septic feed back? yeah, that thing, where you touch the key and you die of terrible infection, right…

    Maybe i mean hepatic…

  3. Rob Beschizza says:

    Hopefully, it’s not still plugged in!

  4. Amplifier says:

    Haptic, possibly.

    It’d be awful to use something like this all the time, but if it’s just for when your in the bath, I could see that working.

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