Video: Toddlers shooting machine guns at cars

This video details the "Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot," a 2005 event in which families used military-grade weaponry to destroy cars in a field. This year's event is this month. I love my country. [via Gadget Lab via Kottke via Delicious Ghost via The World's Best Ever]
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37 Responses to Video: Toddlers shooting machine guns at cars

  1. blackbrrrd says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Ah the US education system – magnificent!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hate guns as much as the next guy, but to everyone disturbed by this, but excited about “Myth Busters”, “Burning Man”, “Smash Lab”, etc. where’s the double standard??

  4. Anonymous says:

    can one get more stupid than this?

  5. Marty says:

    That’s some pretty piss-poor marksmanship.

    The tracers (can civilians really get this ammo?) and explosions were cool, though.

  6. Mister N says:

    no comment

  7. Anonymous says:

    Did I blink and miss the toddlers? The youngest person I saw there looked about seven, and that is how old I was when I got my first rifle.

  8. murray says:

    Way to poison the land. Nice.

  9. Enochrewt says:

    The Glock Model 18 (I believe) at 1:19 is HOT.

    #4: LOL that 7 year old is shooting a mounted machine gun, I couldn’t compare that to a .22 rifle.

    American culture can be a trip. I went to a calf castrating and branding party (yes there was a keg, a cake, and a party atmosphere) where they happily cut the nuts out of calfs and branded them. One 9 year old girl was so deft with the castration knife it was chilling. After “doing” a calf, she’d go over to her bag of potato chips, shove a bloody hand into it and munch away happily. Surreal. I have a video of it, I might have to dig it out now.

  10. randalll says:

    I will never, ever have a gun in my house, unless for some reason I decide to move way out in the middle of nowhere when my kids leave the house. However, I don’t see the problem with this.

    A lot of people here are remarking how stupid or childish these people are being. If they live out in an area where they can reasonably do this, then what’s the problem? I’m sure it’s a lot of fun.

  11. Scuba SM says:

    Quick comment about aiming with machine guns:
    For a quick, safe, and gun free re-enactment at home, try holding a laser pointer steady at a dot while someone punches you in the shoulder/arm rapidly. You can even have them try varying speeds to “experience” different cyclic rates. It’s all Newton’s laws. Sure, those bullets don’t weigh very much, but they’re going pretty darn fast.

    As for the lead bullets:
    Lead is relatively cheap compared to other metals. It deforms very easily without fracture, which is important. The way rifled barrels work is by having the bullet deform so it’s squeezed up against the high spots in the rifling. If it’s not tight, the bullet rattles around in the barrel and your accuracy drops dramatically. Those same properties of lead are part of what makes hunting rounds so effective; the bullet deforms into a mushroom shape, ensuring that bullet stays in the target and transfers all of its energy to the target. If you were to replace lead with a harder metal, barrels would either have to be made of a harder substance, or they’d have to be replaced much more frequently. Copper seems like it’d make a good alternative to lead, as they already jacket bullets with it. However, copper is going up in price (people are looting houses for the copper plumbing and wiring) and it’s not quite as soft as lead. Copper jackets frequently fragment on hunting rounds, so if you made a solid copper bullet, it could conceivably “shatter,” leaving you to pick copper bits out of your venison steak. It could also end up just passing straight through the game, which would reduce the probability of the animal dropping on the spot. That would mean you’d have to track the animal, and may end up losing it and wasting the meat. Incidentally, most gun ranges have earthen berms that the rounds go into, and there are companies that specialize in extracting the lead and other metals from that berm for recycling.

  12. kpkpkp says:

    This + Jesus Camp = Next generation of Republicans?

  13. Bucket says:

    Oh man, I hate having to park in that lot.

  14. fogonthetoon says:

    I wanna go with my friend Ahmed, I’m sure we’ll get a warm reception.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Good grief, a gun is a tool. As with all tools, it can be used with good or evil intentions. Last week a man drove a vehicle into a crowd in Tokyo. He then proceeded to jump out with a knife in hand killing a number of people.

    There is nothing wrong with a 7 year old learning to use a weapon as long as she or he is responsible and supervised.

    As for this culture, you people cannot be serious. There is far less crime among the so-called gun culture than there is in places that out-law guns. I do pray for American culture. But not for the culture depicted on this video.

  16. Irregular Shed says:

    As a Briton, I have to say that this is absolutely disgusting.

    Not shooting guns at cars, that’s inevitably cool, but those transition effects? Oy vey!

  17. Enochrewt says:

    And oh yeah, tracer ammo is readily available at your local gun retailer. It’s expensive as far as ammo is concerned. a box of 250 .22 long rifle tracer rounds is around $100 I believe.

  18. Ryan Waddell says:

    Man. That looks like a lot of fun.

  19. BuildUupBuzzKill says:

    Its heart warming to know the people who have access to or own these types of weapons are such incredibal marksmen i feel safer already. God Bless America and the deliverance-esk cities that no person in there right mind lives in… GO INBREEDING!!!

  20. chef says:

    #22: Some amount of truth and a convincing amount of truth are very different, unless American culture(there’s only one?) has indeed claimed my mind. There’s a huge difference between shooting at known empty cars and at other people at school that you know, let alone “friends”. As for needing people to fight in Iraq, well, “needing to send more people to Iraq” is in itself questionable. Without any additional context, your friend’s comment sounds flippant and thoughtless.

    I think that the event is a fun and really cool idea; go and fire guns that you’re not supposed to ever own. The bad part is that I know that a lot of attendees have a very different mindset about this kind of event, especially considering that they’ll have dealers there. Ugh. It’s very appropriate that the website has “Pray for America” at the top left.

    I totally agree that 7 year old + machine gun = WTF. At least get some double-digits on that kid first.

  21. Toplus says:

    As my friend just told me when I shared the link of this post with him: “That is how they train their kids to shoot their friends at school. Anyway, they need people to fight in Iraq. They’d better enlist in the army”

    If you who read this don’t see some truth in what my friend said, then the so called “American culture” already claimed your rational mind.

  22. w000t says:

    ZOMG! That first car was moving! I guess when the flyer said, “Don’t be late!” they meant it.

  23. doggo says:

    “I love my country.”

    I am zenzing a bit uff ze irony. I find your lack of ze patriotizm dizturbeeng.

    Zis ees howw ve must train ze young chilldren… eff ze are to be useful to ze Fatherlahnd. Ve heere at ze Ministry of Fatherlannd Zecurity encourage all zitizens to zend zere young patriots to our indoctr… zummer yoooth kamp. Zenk yoo.

  24. Elysianartist says:

    #18 WINS the thread.
    Oh and I can almost guarantee you that those cars all had Democratic/treehugger bumper stickers on them.

  25. Mikeywin says:

    I will admit, having been in the Army and fired plenty of weapons, the biggest “gun” being a 105 Howitzer, there is something oddly emporing about it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t stockpile weapons for the 2nd coming and all that, again it can be fun.

    #15 I do have to agree with you on your point. after all the years firearms have been around, we are still using lead bullets. I seem to remember reading in an Army Times however that we were switching to non lead bullets, still that is a lot of scrap metal out there

  26. SamF says:

    haha! When I first read the title I thought it said “toddlers shooting machine guns at CATS”.

    Does it make me a bad person that I was a bit disappointed when I re-read it? :D

  27. Toplus says:

    Right, a gun is a tool. A tool made for killing people (yeah, these ones are not for hunting deers). Using it for shooting at cars that you know are empty doesn’t change the fact that a gun is made for killing.

    So, you are expecting a 7 year old to be responsible. You are also expecting a 7 year old to understand the thin line between shooting guns for “fun” and shooting them for what they are supposed to be for.

    As for the culture comment, I wonder where do you get those stats from. Last time I checked, back in Europe the crime rate is well below the one in US. And there are no gun shops where I can buy guns to “protect myself”

  28. Takuan says:

    a settler family on a raft, floating down the river. The patriarch directs a son to throw a bottle out into the stream before the raft and demonstrates his marksmanship. High on the hill forming the river bank, a gunslinger watching the family scene unlimbers. He fires at the bottle. The patriarch notices the cross fire and directs his next shots up the hill….


  29. Tenn says:

    You are also expecting a 7 year old to understand the thin line between shooting guns for “fun” and shooting them for what they are supposed to be for.

    Wow, you’re pretty disdainful of the children, there. A hundred years ago, children of seven were working in factories. When taught, a 7 year old is perfectly capable of understanding the thin line between shooting guns for fun and for safety. I knew how to shoot at 7, and I also knew if I ever got into my stepfather’s rifle closet without his permission, I’d be in big doo-doo. I knew that you could die if you were stupid with guns. Gun safety.

    What parts of the gun are most pivotal to safety and should be controlled? MAT. Muzzle, action, trigger. What is the most important part of a safe gun? The person holding it. Is a gun ever unloaded? No!

    Kids with those rules drilled into them are perfectly capable of following them.

  30. Antinous says:

    Actually seven-year-olds are still working in factories. Just not here.

  31. mwiik says:

    Hope stuff like this makes it into a Little Brother sequel

  32. Evil Jim says:

    Next week the local metal-detector club is using that field.

  33. Anonymous says:


    You have shown with your example that guns exist not only for “killing people,” but for use as a deterrent, for target practice, and for hunting. The vast majority of police officers end their careers never having to “kill people” in the line of duty. Do you imagine they ask themselves, “what is the point of me having a gun?”

    I understand some people have a low opinion of the people in fly over country. People like to pretend that these folks are stupid, but seriously. I do trust that the parents of those children do know that their child understands the difference between shooting a gun for fun and using a gun to kill. Also, I have news for you. There isn’t a thin line between the two activities. I must have missed all the stories over the years of young children in middle America blasting each other away. Take all the deaths from school and workplace shootings you have ever heard and they would not add up to one year’s worth of carnage in Washington D.C.

    As for the crime stats. You would be wrong if you think conceal permit Oklahoma has as much crime as Philadelphia, D.C., Detroit, Los Angeles, or any other municipality that bans people from purchasing a handgun for defense. A passing familiarity would be helpful. It is not even close.

  34. Bonnie says:

    Imagine the girl scout troop badge for that one!

  35. akbar56 says:

    Was that Walter Sobchak setting up that gun for the little girl?

  36. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see the issue with owning or shooting full auto weapons. It’s like any other gun. It should be stored securely and used safely and I didn’t see any safety violations in the video. Instead of making all the negative comments I suggest you go to the range and try one out. Maybe take a safety course or a basic shooting course and really see what it’s all about. After you get to a point where you’re not speaking from nearly complete ignorance (I’m sorry, playing Call of Duty 4 and watching the Matrix are not actual experience) then you can make an informed judgment.

    If you’ve done all that and still hate guns then more power to you. At least you went to the effort to make an informed decision about them.

  37. Steven E. McDonald says:

    I was just thinking that USAnians can be suchb children when it comes to guns, and lo and behold here we have actual USAnian children being children with guns. And the one being a bit more adult in her annoyance at Daddy trying to sort her aim — when she of course has the damn sights…!

    Those of you mocking the shoddy aim have apparently never shot any kind of gun — point-accurate shooting is a difficult trick with a regular handgun (much easier with rifles because of the longer barrel and being able to seat the weapon more securely for firing) and it’s a bastard with a weapon that’s spewing out upwards of dozens of rounds a second — the weapon will tend to try and traverse, which has to be adjusted to,and each weapon is different in terms of its characteristics (partly due to caliber, partly due to fire rate, partly due to the design.) Add to that prevailing conditions under which the firing is being done, and you have a situation where there’s going to be a lot of inaccurate fire.

    One of the reasons we have machineguns is to compensate for inaccuracy with rate of fire — you’re going to do some damage if you can lay three thousand rounds a minute down in a given area.

    If you pay attention to the video, someone brings out one of the high-speed Gatlings at one point (listen for that chainsaw type buzz.) You’ll see a lot more accuracy there because that thing is squirting out bullets like a high-pressure hose squirting bullets…there’s so little time from first round to last that the actual area covered is pretty small. Whoever was firing that thing hit what they were shooting at, and pretty much annihilated it and a small area around the target.

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