We-Vibe sex toy is rechargeable, "easily accommodates" other stimulators

From the We-Vibe's official site, some of the most beautiful marketing prose ever written:
The We-Vibe replaces an entire selection of adult toys because it is extremely versatile. It has the power of a large vibe but is small enough to fit into a women’s contours and deliver stimulation directly to the clitoris and G-spot. The We-Vibe has no wires or straps to get in the way or ruin the mood. Leave your We-Vibe plugged in and charging so it will always be ready when you are. The We-Vibe fits women anatomically and is so slender and conforming that a penis or dildo can easily fit into the vagina along with the We-Vibe.
Well, one would certainly hope so. The We-Vibe costs £74.99 from UK retailer Love Honey, although you can purchase an artfully named knock-off called The Snugglepuss for a third the price. Via the lovely girls over at Shiny Shiny, who did not see fit to put their insufferable, auto-playing video sidebar to rare good use with an editorial review of the product. The We-Vibe Vibrator [Love Honey via Shiny Shiny]
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24 Responses to We-Vibe sex toy is rechargeable, "easily accommodates" other stimulators

  1. rlonghurst says:

    Glad the We-Vibe caught your, um, eye ;-)

    Bit unfair to call the Snugglepuss a knock-off – it’s been on sale for about 3 years.

    Snugglepuss is a better name though. :-)


  2. Female Gspot says:

    I’ve used the we vibe before. In fact, it’s one of the best G Spot vibrator on the market.

    it takes some getting used to, but the results are fantastic :)

  3. Nelson.C says:

    Are you sure that picture’s not of a stapler?

  4. Anonymous says:

    i found them cheap at stevesadulttoyworld.com they were 78.43 each so i git 4 of them for just 6.99 shipping

  5. jennfrank says:

    I thought the same thing, Nelson. Then I realized this is basically a vibrating clothespin! Nothing to hold! Sold!

  6. prettypetuniamermaid says:

    I found this toy and an incredibly honest review and comparison of the We-vibe to both the Snugglepuss and G-vibe at VibeReview.com … that said, when i tried it i found that the toy was not as powerful as I expected. That said, when compared to what I usually carry when traveling, it’s great: small, comes in an eyeglass case, and is good enough as a toy to get the job done.

  7. Female Gspot says:

    @Nelson lol you’re right! it does look like a stapler. I seen a purple stapler that looks like this at office depot a few days ago while shopping for back to school items.


  8. roni26 says:

    Why hasn’t someone thought of a vibrator that you can use during intercourse before this? Seems pretty intriguing. This site has it for under $100. http://www.pleasuremenow.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=3253 I wish this vibrator was cheaper.

  9. stevemillionaire says:

    ive got a we vibe for 78.43 each plus shipping at http://www.stevesadulttoyworld.com copy and paste this link in your search browser or google search to to take you straight to the deals http://www.stevesadulttoyworld.com/detail/indexIDVTWEV/category32/we-vibe-purple-silicone-net.htm we vibe at Steves Adult Toy World join me at myspace.com/stevesadulttoyworld also

  10. Anonymous says:

    There are many knock off vibrators, such as the mentioned Snugglepuss, however they are NOT designed to be used during intercourse. Look at the size of the gspot stimulator on the snugglepuss, your man would have to be hung like a cold gnat to be able to fit in there alongside it.

    Definitely get the real deal.

  11. pinkcherry says:

    On sale now. We-Vibe for $88.88 with Free Discreet UPS shipping at http://www.pinkcherry.com . In stock and ships same business day. Read the reviews at http://www.pinkcherry.com/Standard-Innovation-Corp-We-Vibe-Silicone-G-Spot-and-Clitoral-Vibrator/productinfo/WE.VIBE/ . Be careful of buying from small sex toy stores who don’t have it in stock and no phone number.


  12. A_Week_In_The_Life_of_A_Redhead says:

    Is that suppose to be proof that size doesn’t matter?

  13. Ryan Waddell says:

    Man, that thing looks… Pinchy.

  14. chef says:

    #1 & #2: Just don’t mistake a real stapler for this vibe.

  15. Paula says:

    At our online adult store in Australia the iVibe http://www.sextoys2thedoor.com.au/p/829420/waterproof-ivibe-rabbit-strawberry.html has been our biggest seller for the last two months, but this month the We-Vibe http://www.sextoys2thedoor.com.au/p/855314/we-vibe.html has stormed it and all the feedback that we get is 100% +

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to this site, I bought mine from
    They are a great company, good shipping, and they are throwing in a free item
    too, along with the free shipping! I was surprised with such a good deal!! Plus,
    what a catchy name..

  17. missyk says:

    Best CANADIAN price is at http://www.BestofAdultToys.com/ Price listed is in CAD$ and already includes any applicable taxes, Free Shipping and Bonus Free Lube! Always In-stock Guarantee.

  18. pinkcherry says:

    Definately get the real thing. Not worth paying good money for something that doesn’t work right. Get the We-Vibe in Canada and then USA at http://www.pinkcherry.com. On sale now.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Checked out all the sites and bought ours here: http://www.bestofadulttoys.com/products/WeVibe-Vibrator.html

    Price includes the We-Vibe, free shipping, taxes, a bonus gift and some lube. Best price & value by far.

  20. Anonymous says:

    The we-vibe is extremely flexible and easy to use. It won’t inch and trust me, she’ll be begging for more and so will you. You can buy the we-vibe at ~www.thebasictouch.com. $129.95 and free shipping.

  21. LOL @ A_Week_In_The_Life_of_A_Redhead

    Looks like a pretty fun vibrator, and compact enough to carry around. “Easily accommodates to other stimulators?” Sounds like a winner to me.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I found it at
    http://www.GirlsKnowWhatTheyWant.com, with the cheapest price I have seen, which
    included shipping, and it works great!!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Here is the one I found to be the cheapest $85.99 http://www.sextoysmadness.com/Product-We-Vibe-Purple-Silicone-(net)_40464.aspx. This youtube video also describes the use for men http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndD8njCQaXc.
    Hope this helps

  24. Panda93023 says:

    Oooooh, me can haz?
    Thanks for the link to order. ;)

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