Nikon D90 rumor image: can you tell by the pixels?

That D90 badge looks ropey to me: whites too bright, edges too sharp, angle o' dangle not quite right... Check this marketing image for the D300, offered by a commenter at Nikon Rumors. Update: Putting the images atop one another results in a telling matchup of what one would expect to be random patterns in the texture:
Nikon D90 - is this what's coming tomorrow? [Nikon Rumors]

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8 Responses to Nikon D90 rumor image: can you tell by the pixels?

  1. PKMousie says:

    Seconding the thought that the pattern comes from a, you know, mold, and that it should be anyhting but random.

  2. Marley9 says:

    This is most definitely a D80. I own the D70, 80, 200, and 300. The only one whose button, dials and switches matches up with is the D80. This image has been floating around for sometime.

  3. Marley9 says:

    Is it possible, however, that the grips for the D80 and D300 have a similar mold. Everything else in the two images does not match up.

  4. Pixel says:

    Ugh, that is supposed to look realistic? I thought it looked wrong in the upper right corner before I looked at the D300 image.

    the only parts that don’t match the D300 design is the upper right corner of the camera, the switch labeled AF/M on the “D90″ and the lack of a strap eye on the upper left corner.

    And those three spots so distinct evidence of poor-quality image manipulation. you can even see in the upper left the chunks taken out of the camera body while they were editing out the strap eye. And why would a company have an image that shows the camera to be shiny and flawless everywhere except the upper right corner where it looks splotchy, bumpy and otherwise shows poor fit & finish. In fact the outline of the splotchy area on the rubberized grip nearly-perfectly matches the outline of the piece that covers that part of the grip on the D300.

    I could be wrong and this could be a picture of a pre-production model before final tooling, but given the attention to detail given the rest of the image I would be quite surprised if Nikon would leave that part looking so poorly.

  5. Fnarf says:

    You mean to tell me that for that price you don’t even get genuine fine Corinthian leather?

  6. Yreka says:

    Oh so fake looking.

    Random dots where left hand would be.

    The lens glare is off, i’m not sure you can get it in that certain way with basically any lighting in real life.

    Lens in general looks like a decent 3D rendering as a whole.

    For the Nikon logo on the lens, look at the K. It’s off by a bit from this perspective.

    And so on and so forth.

  7. semiotix says:

    I have no idea if that looks ‘shopped. I can’t tell from the pixels, because I haven’t really seen quite a few ‘shops in my day.

    Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  8. Shannon says:

    I suspect the suspicion is correct, but that pattern isn’t random; it’s in the mold and should be the same every time, and it’s certainly plausible that it’s the same between models.

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