AMD creates doppelganger of Half-Life 2 robot to advertise Cinema 2.0

Announcing their new RV770 teraFLOPs graphic chip as the world's "first-ever Cinema 2.0" experience, AMD released a video demo of the iconic ATI mascot Ruby running down the streets of New York, chased by a giant robot that bears an eerie resemblance to Half-Life 2's robo-mascot, Dog.
Is the similarity just in my head, or is there something really to this? A call-back to one of gaming's most beloved NPCs would be appropriate to a graphics card, although you'd think they'd at least try to get the rights from Valve. More amusingly, AMD claims that the RV770 is "more powerful than every generation of game console ever brought to market combined." The wording there is clever: you're supposed to think they are saying that a sole RV770 is more powerful than all of the 360 and PS3 graphics processors meshed into one massive super-cluster hive mind of graphics processing, where as the dissected semantics of the actual statement are far less grand: the RV770 is simply better than a single GPU chip from every console ever released rolled up into one (one 360 GPU, one PS3 Cell, and so on)... a statement that has vastly diminishing returns previous to the current gens. Either way, it's always refreshing to get the skin wet when a company's PR orifice projectile vomits hyperbolic pea-soup all over you. Cinema 2.0 [AMD via Engadget]
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One Response to AMD creates doppelganger of Half-Life 2 robot to advertise Cinema 2.0

  1. Anonymous says:

    weird video, and theyr version of Dog’s an evil robot, meh.

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