Another Bloody Water. Needs more blood.

This brand of bottled water available only in Australia is really only one supermarket prankster with a vial of red food dye away from making some truly international PR waves. Fortified with hemoglobin and exported to Eastern Europe, it also might make a smash in Transylvania. Another Bloody Water [The Dieline]
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4 Responses to Another Bloody Water. Needs more blood.

  1. liatach says:

    Ha Ha
    actually its pretty good water, Biodynamic certified . About as good as mass produced bottled water can be. According to its blurb it also got some of the lowest concentrations of sodium, chlorine etc of any competitor on the Australian market.
    Oh and in Australia “Bloody” has nothing to do with blood, its an emphatic expression, was once considered rude is now acceptable in polite speach, as is “bugger” in Australia anyway.

  2. Chevan says:

    I’d buy it, then put some red Cool-Aid in it and carry it around.

    Maybe it’s time to go to Australia.

  3. Primax says:

    Biodynamic? Its bottled water. They charge by the hyperbole content.

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