Michael Ruhlman suggests a book about kitchen knives

Michael Ruhlman recommends the book An Edge in the Kitchen. It's a whole book about kitchen knives!
Chad Ward, a writer based in North Carolina, has written a handsome volume on knives and everything you might want to know about them, and about using them: An Edge in the Kitchen: How to buy them, keep them razor sharp and use them like a pro.  It's not only filled with good info put together with a good design, the writing is lively as well ("The knives found in most commercial and home kitchens are like supermarket tomatoes--designed more for sturdiness than quality."). 
Books Worth Reading and Using [Blog.Ruhlman.com] PreviouslyMichael Ruhlman's essential kitchen gadgets
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One Response to Michael Ruhlman suggests a book about kitchen knives

  1. picklefactory says:

    I’ve always taken “The Professional Chef’s Knife Kit”, a CIA (Culinary Institute of America) textbook, as my ‘kitchen knife bible’. I’ll check this one out as well.

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