Twittering Teddy Ruxbin

The hackers at my home 2.0 shows us how to create a dead-eyed, transvestite Teddy Ruxbin, who will speak in blinks and soulless monotone the flotsam babble of our Twitter friends. Teddy Ruxbin says in 140 characters or less: "WE'LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL WE'LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL WE'LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL." Twittering Teddy Bear [my home 2.0]
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9 Responses to Twittering Teddy Ruxbin

  1. themindfantastic says:

    I almost want it but instead of twitter, maybe it could read off EscapePod stories as its the same voice they use at the beginning of each EP story identifying the episode number story being read, author and date.

  2. tdickensheets says:

    I hope you use a old Teddy Ruxpin. I’m not doing that to my Teddy Ruxpin made by Back Pack Toys Inc.

  3. Rob Beschizza says:

    It was RuxPin in Britain

  4. certron says:

    I’m not insane, right? I could swear that it was Ruxpin, and yet, in the last 2 days, have come across the Ruxbin spelling (this marks the third occurrence).

    Immediately, I think this is cool. Upon further contemplation, I would consider it quite unsettling to visit someone’s parents, sleep in their old room, and have a select few of these childhood memories wake me in the middle of the night with various childhood memories suddenly reading me stock quotes from Paris or Bollywood RSS or anime release dates. With my luck, it would be all and more, at the same time. Kermit the Viridian Amphibian would be quite a sight with glowing red eyes…

    I probably have nothing to worry about. I don’t think anyone is going to take me home to meet their parents.

  5. pupdog says:

    160? You sneaky TwitterPro users…

  6. John Brownlee says:

    Typo! Fixing! But come to think of it? I would totally pay some money to get more Twitter characters.

  7. andbigdaddy2 says:

    Nc plg fr vrzn. Gtt py ths bls rght.

  8. sophiap says:

    Now all I need is a embalmed body, a bathtub full of goo, and the kit and I can have my own cylon hybrid twittering away.

  9. devophill says:

    Certron- I was gonna post the exact same thing; I saw “Ruxbin” someplace within the last couple days, too. I checked, it’s Ruxpin.

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