WheelEasy LE collapsable wheelbarrow

The "WheelEasy LE" is a folding wheelbarrow, replacing the heavy steel or plastic tubs of conventional haulers with a 3-cubic-foot, vinyl-coated nylon basin which can hold up to 150 pounds. You won't be carting around concrete or bears*, but when it comes to dirt or lawn clippings, the WheelEasy has one clear advantage over solid barrows: because it can lie completely flat on the ground, it's easy to quickly rake it full without shoveling stuff up over the side. You can find them for around $35, says ToolMonger, but at retail they're more like $60. Folding Yard Cart Challenges The Wheelbarrow [Toolmonger] * My garden is awesome.
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4 Responses to WheelEasy LE collapsable wheelbarrow

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    One of my neighbors recently tried to throw away a perfectly good plastic ‘barrow.

    So good was it that the trash guys didn’t take it and it sat in front of his house for a couple of days.
    When I asked him he said no one would take it so I did him a favor and took the thing.

    It’s awesome. Best freebarrow evar.
    It was instrumental in helping me create the garden(s) I planted for my wife. :)

    I’m generally moving dirt or logs or such heavy cumbersome stuff, but for light work one of these would be great, say when one is weeding or pruning.

  2. hohum says:

    * My garden is awesome.

    pics or it didn’t happen… :)

  3. etho says:

    sounds great in theory, but i mostly use a wheelbarrow for transporting things like bark dust or gravel, things that require a shovel to move in and out of the wheelbarrow. Something tells me this thing wouldn’t hold op terribly well to vigourous shoveling.

  4. karrock says:

    It’s perfect for anyone that lives where there’s little to no storage space, but you still have to take care of a yard or garden, like a townhouse. Just fold the sucker up when you’re done using it and stand it up in your shed next to your garbage can.

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