KOR ONE water bottle looks, is venerated like God's own suppository

Surely I am conflicted: The "KOR ONE" is a high-end reusable water bottle. Reusable water bottles are a great thing, as bottled water from the shelves is such a waste of resources. On the other hand, the promotional copy and hype surrounding its upcoming August launch is awfully self-laudatory, if not hyperbolic. ("The KOR ONE is not a water bottle; it's an innovation invitation.") On the other other hand, it does look like a well-designed bit of plastic, with a one-handed flip-top lid and an attractive, burl-free plastic case. (BPA-free!) And if a little fancy chatting and branded design is what it takes to make using a reusable water bottle hip — excuse me, hydration vessel — then I suppose I can grin and bear it. It's gonna be $25. Product Page [KORwater.com via Core77 (no relation)]
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27 Responses to KOR ONE water bottle looks, is venerated like God's own suppository

  1. Oren Beck says:

    Made from biodegradable, water-proof paper.

    Can you say contradiction of sorts?

    Yes, there are degradable PLASTICS used for bags etc. One variant being a corn starch based plastic also used for dog toys. Whatever became of the “Plastic Corn” is one thought this brought up though. As the corn was touted for it’s potential at making degradable semi-durables with no petroleum dependencies.

  2. Mikeywin says:

    I have to say, the marketing/PR rep that wrote the descriptions and such, deserves a bonus. I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that never more have I wanted to pay $25 for a water bottle. :(

  3. Joel Johnson says:

    Takuan, you really need to moisturize.

  4. 1greenproduct says:

    If the KOR ONE strikes your fancy, check out the 1GreenProduct.com KOR ONE Sweepstakes (ends February 4th):


    Aaron Dalton

  5. Anonymous says:

    Randi here from KOR, for those of you who took the time to comment about the Kor One, thank you! It is now available and shipping. It took us a while to get the production going, but the end result was worth the wait. The demand has been amazing and we are very excited about how many people are interested in better health, better environment, and better design. I invite you to come check out the website also, as there are many interesting facts and articles about water, recycling, health and our planet.

  6. dculberson says:

    Of course, the complaints about Joel’s misquote miss the point. The point is: How the hell is a water bottle an invitation?

    Either it’s a lousy water bottle or a lousy invitation.

  7. xzzy says:

    To be completely precise, it says the bottle is “an invitation”. The word innovation is not used. ;)

    Which is still pretentious, just not as bad.

  8. Daemon says:

    My current water bottle keeps my water cold for something like 7 hours. This doesn’t. Lame

  9. DMcK says:

    Good grief:

    Introducing the KOR Stoneâ„¢: an optional mantra insert that will inspire you, one sip at a time. Made from biodegradable, water-proof paper, KOR Stones are disc-shaped mantras that fit seamlessly in the cap of the KOR ONE hydration vessel. Stones provide an opportunity to personalize your bottle and give yourself a little inspiration throughout each day. It’s that immovable part of you that moves you. It’s a bit of motivation. It’s your Stone.

    God damn, if this smug-ass bottle were a person I would shun its company.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The design is stunning. It’s not going to pollute my body with bad BPA. It’s sexy. It will help cut down the amount of trash in the landfills. It is sleek. It is an item I will actually use. Oh, did I mention it looks awesome….My evil consumer side says “HAVE TO HAVE IT”. My body says “NEED TO GET IT”. My “green side” says, “THE EARTH WANTS ME TO HAVE THIS”….$25-30 bucks?? SOLD.

  11. KORWater says:

    Eric from KOR Water here. Boing Boing – thanks for giving it a post. I’ll be first to agree our copy is a bit “self-laudatory”.

    We called it an “invitation” to go reusable b/c we’re going after the millions that still only drink bottled water and love the experience (e.g.,carrying around a Fiji or Voss bottle) and can’t find a similar experience with a reusable.

    Made by US manufacture Nypro (www.nypro.com) at their Monterey, Mexico plant which is ISO14001 (environment) certified.

  12. teamshadowboat says:

    “Finally, a spout that embraces your mouth!”


    Which part of Adam did God use to make this beautiful creature?

    Oh, wait, too expensive.

  13. Tenn says:

    But it is pretty. If it were $15, not $25, I could see it.

  14. hohum says:

    Okay, maybe they like themselves a lot… but you know what? I like them a lot too. Sexy. Want. (If I try to fill it with coffee, will it reject it?)

  15. robgarbo says:

    Anyone want to guess where they will be making them? China?

  16. haineux says:

    So Daemon, what is your water bottle?

    Army surplus plastic canteens are $1 each.

    Modern plastic Boy Scout canteens are $6, including the fabric cover and the strap.

    Vintage Boy Scout aluminum canteens are available for under $10 if you spend a few minutes looking, or $20 if you insist on a collector-item piece.

  17. Enochrewt says:

    “Finally, a spout that embraces your mouth!”

    Is it a party in your mouth?

    I guess everybody has to have confidence in their product, but sheesh.

  18. CraziestGadgetsdotcom says:

    wow- innovative cylindrical shape! never thought i’d see the day….

  19. pollyannacowgirl says:

    The photo Takuan posted just broke my heart. Yesterday I finally decided that I have enough pairs of summer shoes (I’ve bought about six pairs. All at VERY good prices, but still…). Seeing that photo makes me feel like a greedy materialistic American. Very humbled.

  20. Anonymous says:

    The bottle really looks as cool as on the picture and has a great handling. Unfortunately, my experience with the bottle hasn’t been completely positive. My bottle got lots of small scratches, just by carrying in my backpack. Now two month after I bought it, it started leaking at the seam below the hinge, right where the cap of the bottle is attached. I tried to claim the warranty via e-mail. Their first response was extremely fast. After I described the problem more in detail in a second e-mail, I didn’t heard back from them for twelve days. I am still waiting. I will let you guys know how it goes.

    This bottle is great, if you just use it in the office and don’t carry it with you all the time. In that case it doesn’t get all scratched and I am sure it will last longer. Just take good care of it.

  21. Secret_Life_of_Plants says:

    Well, at least Joel can feel vindicated in that whomever wrote the pretentious ad copy on the “hydration vessel’s” website isn’t a good proofreader either…

    “We each drank an average of 167 bottle of water last year” [sic].

    But seriously we should all be a little more concerned with what we are going to put in the vessel after all the clean water on Earth is privatized and priced out of reach.

  22. RandiKORWater says:

    Anonymous, Anonymous with leaking seam….we are sorry that you had a problem with your KOR One. Please call our customer service department at 877-708-7567. We will resolve your issue to your satisfaction today. PS–I did some research and it looks like if you are the customer DW, we sent you a replacement vessel on Oct. 21 per our phone conversation on Oct 19.

  23. beth says:

    Before you go blasting the guys- make sure you have correctly read and understand the very copy you are accusing Kore of venerating themselves with… They said INVITATION – NOT INNOVATION.

    Geez Boing Boing critic writer guy!

    • Joel Johnson says:

      Look I am an AMAZING WRITER but a CRAPPY READER.


      Also, I sort of want one of these bottles. I know. :(

  24. mazerrackham says:

    I think I still prefer my Sigg

  25. jenjen says:

    I don’t get how this is going to entice water-snobs to switch. If they insist on only premium branded water, do you think they will really switch over to tap water because this bottle is nice? I guess maybe they’ll buy the larger, 2L size bottles of Fiji and Voss instead of the 375ml bottles and fill the KOR bottle from those, but then again the big bottles are thicker so how much less plastic does this work out to?

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