Asus EeePC 1000H is good, but is $650

Asus's upgraded Eee PC, with a bold 10" display and 80GB hard drive, rules. But Laptop laments the $650 price tag, with which it exits the cheap-subnote category its own predecessors created.
We like the Eee PC 1000H, but we’ll like it a lot more if the final pricing for the system winds up being less.
The result is that it draws further attention to MSI's Wind, which is similarly-specified but $150 cheaper and half a pound lighter. Review [Laptopmag]

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5 Responses to Asus EeePC 1000H is good, but is $650

  1. Rajio says:

    This product is an abomination existing in limbo between cheapo-internet-appliance and laptop-computer … It’s very existence is an embarrassment.

    ….though I’m sure its nice to have, especially when sent one gratis.

  2. Anonymous says:

    they lowered the price to 450, + it’s a pretty good laptop with fullish keyboard

  3. g3n3tix says:

    Asus is going to reinvent the wheel (or in that case, the laptop)…Getting more expensive, more powerful, bigger.

  4. historyman68 says:

    ….though I’m sure its nice to have, especially when sent one gratis.

    This would probably be a question best left for another thread, but do you think that being forced to pay the actual amount for a gadget affects your review? i.e. if you got sent an Asus EeePC for free to review, your review might be more or less positive than if it was up to you to pony up your own $650 of cash.

    Obviously, this can’t practically happen, or else every reviewer would have to have a rather large endowment. But I do suppose that the internet has allowed people who actually pay to use products to review them to as wide an audience as reviewers who get them comped.

    Oy, I just concluded my little thought experiment with “the internet makes it easier to find out lots of peoples’ opinions”. I need to go to bed.

  5. Brian Carnell says:

    That $650 price is for a machine with WinXP Home. I wonder if the 1000H with Linux is any cheaper?

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