Fully functioning grandfather clock made of old bicycle parts

BBG reader Guy Vardi passed along this wonderful video of the Waste of Time, a functioning grandfather clock made up entirely of old bicycles. It was built by Yedidya Vardi and Vladimir Zviagintsev, and it is on display at the Vardi Center for the Development of the Gifted in Israel. And here's the making-of video:
I love this quote from the YouTube description:
One of the design principles was to use only used elements. Edison once said that to invent you need good imagination and a pile of junk. The designers took his advice seriously.
(Thanks, Guy!)
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One Response to Fully functioning grandfather clock made of old bicycle parts

  1. w000t says:

    Although “grandfather” clock here may refer to the size and/or the escapement design, in common parlance the term is inseparable from the style of case. In many areas the more common term is longcase clock. Thus, I’d just call this a clock unless he builds a really big case around it. Ultimately, this is cooler without as a case would only obscure the hacking goodness.

    Regardless of etymological punctiliousness, this is a wonder.

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