'HD for Kids!' coloring book

It's difficult to discern how seriously we're supposed to take the "HD for Kids!" coloring book from Non-Toxic Reviews. Ostensibly it's designed to teach kids about HDTV, or perhaps to educate their parents as they follow along, but it's also got a couple of tedious and baffling activities. One frame encourages kids to "Take your Crayon and draw 480 dots inside this TV," followed by an exhortation to "Take a different color Crayon and draw 1,080 dots inside this HDTV." Not only is that technically wrong — standard-def TVs can display 480 lines, as stated just above in the coloring book — but it also sounds sort of boring. But here was the one that made me think the whole thing is a joke, a section entitled "Make your own! DLP Projector Television!"
Did this guy really just encourage kids to stare at shiny lights in a mirror until they start to hallucinate? That is fantastic. The "HD for Kids!" coloring book is available as a free PDF download. Free coloring book - HD for Kids! [NonToxicReviews.com via Consumerist]
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6 Responses to 'HD for Kids!' coloring book

  1. EnderQON says:

    Not only that, but what happened to the mysterious step #3?

  2. yasth says:

    Yes they do need step 3 as it is where all the fun happens

    3. Use existing microcontrollers to control a rapidly spinning mirror. Use a simple revolution counter to determine that state of the orange juice can, with some work you should be able to match outputs for a wide range of juice can spin speeds. Remember that friction will change as parts wear, so make the friction correction be self adapting. Build a dark enclosure. Develop intake stages for HDTV signal acquisition and decompression. Sadly you will probably not be able to use HDMI due to DRM concerns, but component should be fine.

  3. bardfinn says:

    I concur; Showing kids how to make a (possibly seizure-inducing) flicker strobe is incredibly and deliciously subversive.

  4. SamSam says:

    I think this is a pretty clever joke, but damn that hippo girl is horrendous…

  5. Stefan Jones says:

    Heidi the HD Hippo?

    A little girl in a frilly dress with a hippo head? Wearing a baseball cap?

    Seriously, this thing is a work of demented genius.

  6. CraziestGadgetsdotcom says:

    Once the kids hit around age 12, they know all this technology stuff better than their parents anyway. Now, where did I put my LifeAlert?

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