Lenovo X200 shots leaked

Images of Lenovo's X200 lightweight laptop have surfaced, and it looks exactly the way you imagined it would. IBM's design language is here to stay.
The problem, if it is one, is that the look was never that good to begin with; it's trying to be the Little Black Dress of notebook computers, a kind of Cayce Pollard laptop free of caprice and ornament, but doesn't quite it pull it off. Source [51nb.com via Gizmodo]

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10 Responses to Lenovo X200 shots leaked

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, come on, #4. I still have my 1996-vintage Thinkpad 760EL, and it’s at least 4 times as thick as this sleek little guy.

    However, I should point out that I still have it because it still works. OK, the screen flickers a bit, but it still runs about 45 minutes on the original battery. Let’s see if that sweatshop refugee up there is still pounding out the bits in 2020. I bet not.

  2. Marshall says:

    Not giving a damn about aesthetics is an aesthetic in itself, he typed happily on his industrial black Thinkpad.

    I’ve owned dozens of computers in my lifetime, and my Thinkpad is not only the cream of the crop, performance and utility-wise, but it’s the best looking of any of them, IMHO.

  3. pupdog says:

    The ThinkPad look still seems to have too many ‘edges’ to it for me, seams and indentions and lips to the screen, just looks ‘plasticky’, if that makes sense.

  4. monstrinho_do_biscoito says:

    hello, this is 1996, has anyone seen my laptop. oh there it is.

  5. Agies says:

    That wonder nipple calls to me. It’s by far my favorite mobile input device. My latest laptop only has a trackpad and I really miss the precision of the mini-joystick. Plus it was much easier to position my hands for World of Warcraft.

  6. eustace says:

    I’m still using my four year old T30, and I will until the motherboard gives out. It’s sturdy, easy to tear down, built like a brick, etc…
    but this one looks tempting. Maybe later. No rush.

  7. Patrick Austin says:

    Is it weird that this is the only laptop other than an Apple that I’d consider owning? I realize they’re on opposite ends of the design spectrum, but dang I do have some love for big blue. They just don’t give a rat’s ass about cosmetics.

    Back when I did IT stuffs for my company, the experience of unboxing new thinkpads was pretty much like picking up your new Mercedes (back when Mercedes was still cool). Total carved-from-stone perfection with the added benefit of that delicious ‘new electronics smell’.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Impressive use of the casual Pattern Recognition reference.

  9. Matthew Walton says:

    I’ve always thought ThinkPads look fantastic. I don’t care that they don’t have the elegance and sheer style of an Apple design, they’re clean and practical and so wonderfully, gorgeously black. This X200 seems to be a nice refinement of the basic principles. It still looks like a ThinkPad, and I think that’s important.

    Rather like I’d say to the people who keep calling for a Macbook Pro enclosure overhaul: why change what works?

  10. Enochrewt says:

    #2: I agree, I love the nipple thingy, I wish I could get it in other laptops. Playing WoW with the pad is nigh impossible, unless you’re just doing auctions or inventory stuff. But then again when I played I had a 9 button mouse that was specifically configured for it.

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