Video: Amazing NERF office war

This video, which from the wealth of weapons used in its creation I can only presume is a sanctioned viral commissioned by Nerf, manages to break every rule of good internet video: it's over five-minutes long; it is a commercial; it's trying to be funny. Against all odds, it manages to be completely awesome. It's enough to almost make me wish I worked in an office. Video Friday: The Great Office War [Oh Gizmo!] PreviouslyN-Strike Vulcan EBF-25: Fully Automatic NERF Cannon
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10 Responses to Video: Amazing NERF office war

  1. Anonymous says:

    why are they all using Dart tags and recons as theyre primarys? thye should be using longshots and magstrikes, both are wayyyyyyyyyyyy better then what theyre using

  2. themindfantastic says:

    I have to agree for what amounts to a commercial, this is one of the few that puts in to me the same level of bainwashing I remember as a kid, “I SO HAVE TO GET THAT!!!!” I almost wanna scream MOM! and plead the pleasepleasepleaseplease mantra.

  3. aaronstj says:

    The video is demonstrably not over five minutes longs. It’s 4:50. It say so right on the video player.

  4. eustace says:

    Kids and their toys. REAL engineers fight with rubber bands. And no Marketing or Sales weenies dare to stand up to their might.

  5. Santos says:

    Back in the early 90s, Tech Support at Symantec held awesome Nerf Arrow battles.

    I’d had wonderful arrows that flew true. I – on the whim of converting it into something steampunky – just bought a N-Strike Maverick Blaster too. Heh.

  6. Agent 86 says:

    Real engineers build their own desktop trebuchets.

  7. Anonymous says:

    hey, anyone know what kind of nerf gun that automatic one that was mounted on a base like a m249 or whatever

  8. Enochrewt says:

    I have a friend that works for Lockheed Martin and has told me though that Nerf wars erupt there frequently. I’ve gone with him to the toy store and watched him spend hundreds of dollars on armaments.

    The white board in the background (@0:42) has some silly stuff on on it for a commercial. Like “BITCH, can’t spell it without IT”.

    Do they really make Nerf bombs that explode with popcorn styrofoam? I want one if they do.

  9. Chevan says:

    >Do they really make Nerf bombs that explode with popcorn styrofoam? I want one if they do.
    Don’t think so, and it’s lacking bright primary colors and a prominent N. Also, it would probably explode with mini-darts if it was official.

    And Nerf wars just get more fun when you start modding your guns. Like my Nightstrike with the air restrictors removed and the plunger banded up with four three-band chains of rubber bands.

  10. Chevan says:

    *Nite Finder, not Nightstrike. It’s been a while.

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