Psystar announces Mac server clones, still not sued

Psystar — the zany hardware company that is openly giving the finger to Apple's ToS (and their lawyers) by releasing the first Apple clones since Jobs put the kibosh on them in 1998 — have come out with another entry in their line of quasi-legal Mac clones. They are now offering Mac server solutions in the form of the OpenServ 1100 and 2400, which can run Windows Server, Leopard Server or Linux and come stocked with Intel Xeon Harpertown processors, up to 16 GB of RAM and up to 6 TB of storage, starting at $1599. As puzzled as I am that Apple's lawyers haven't sued these guys into a thin layer of translucent jelly — not that I wish it on them, you understand — I'm more curious who is buying them. I imagine an entire business model based on selling tech reviewers and bloggers a nearly ephemeral product: making them leap through hoops, prodding them with mystery, intrigue and the whiff of the elusive "exclusive scoop." Certainly, a good chunk of the individuals who ordered PsyStar's first Open Computer Mac clone were tech journalists in one fashion or another, looking to take the computer for a spin. Could a small one-man company be run on such a business model by loudly announcing plausible but ever-more-outlandish and scoopable products, then building a small number themselves? Probably not, but it's a great idea for a story. Psystar [Official Site]
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4 Responses to Psystar announces Mac server clones, still not sued

  1. Gilbert Wham says:

    “which can run Windows Server, Leopard Server or Linux”

    Hang on, wouldn’t something that can do that just be called ‘a computer’?

  2. musicalwoods says:

    Oh Psystar, you’re funny.

    I’m really interested to see if Apple takes them to court and what the resulting verdict means for the legality of EULAs.

  3. GeekMan says:

    As pleased as I am that this hasn’t gone to court yet, Apple’s silence only scares me. They’re clearly considering all their legal and technical options and I have no doubt that we will soon see a strategy designed to destroy the viability of the “unauthorized clones” business once and for all.

    I’d love to have a Mac OS X server on the cheap, but I wouldn’t dare recommend these clones to my bosses. One day, Apple will find a way to break the OS, and on that day my ass will be on the line.

  4. arkady says:

    I am totally interested in getting that openpro thingy but I too am afraid that the auto-updater will one day abruptly end my fun.

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