Logitech's new QuickCam Vision Pro is Mac-only, for no discernible reason

I've just about had it with Logitech and its platform-specific headsets and web cams. Dear idiots: there is no reason in the world that technology as fundamentally simple as a web cam or a Skype headset should require 100 megs worth of platform-specific drivers, the absence of which turns your new, stupidly-purchased "Windows only" headset into a $50 jangle of worthless plastic on OS X. Get your act together. All this stuff should be able to use generic drivers, even if the fancier features aren't supported on some systems. But Logitech's new USB 2.0, 2-megapixel QuickCam Vision Pro is simply incredible, in that it is a Mac-only web cam. You know. A web cam for a platform that has had an embedded camera in all its laptops and the vast majority of its computers for years. Oh, sure, there's a market there: people with old PowerBooks. Customers with Mac Pros. Grannies with Mac Minis. But it just seems like such an infinitesimally small one that releasing this as Mac only makes zero business sense when they could simply shove a driver for Windows into the USB dongle and reach out the vast market of cam-less PC users. For those who are interested, though, the QuickCam Vision Pro will be available in July for $130, and it is certainly a higher-quality web cam than the one built into your Mac, if you have use for such a thing. Apple vloggers, take note. Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro [Official Site]
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5 Responses to Logitech's new QuickCam Vision Pro is Mac-only, for no discernible reason

  1. Latente says:

    lol the same camera “only for windows”

    it’s 99.99$

    poor mac users, everyone want your bucks for only a hype ;)

  2. liquide says:

    If my built-in iSight did 720p, I’d have no desire for this QuickCam!

  3. Adam Fields says:

    I made the mistake of buying a Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000, which many people have claimed to be Mac compatible (which uses some sort of universal webcam standard), but it crashed my Mac Pro repeatedly. I’ve since replaced it with a Samsung LCD panel with built-in webcam, which works nicely.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is great for users who have external displays and don’t want to fork over $200 for the discontinued iSight (firewire external camera).

  5. Seg says:

    For the 2007 Emerson College admission season (Nov 2006 – April 2007), my students and I rolled out a web based software program called StageDoor. It managed the entire Performing Arts audition process including taking photos of audition applicants on-site. We reduced almost all paperwork this way, allowing decision makers to spend more time evaluating the applicant, not their paperwork.

    I bring this up because the project suffered from the idiotic ‘Mac/Windows only’ bullshit. StageDoor used Flash to make a photo system that took a photo and stored it on a server. No special fancy software besides Firefox and Flash player… as long as the camera worked on that computer.

    Since we needed to borrow computers for check-in (no need to buy ~10 computers for 10 days of the year), we had a mix of Mac and Windows boxes. This was perfect for all aspects of StageDoor, except the cameras. We would have bought more Logitech cameras if they were cross platform, but instead we had to get a few iSights to fill the Mac gap. I did make attempts to use third party Mac drivers, but since the computers were borrowed we couldn’t install them anyways.

    Please Logitech. You add no value on platform specific hardware. You hurt my team’s efforts to reduce costs of this admission process. We still saved a lot of man hours and office costs, but this added unnecessary complications.

    PS: I need to mention the over and beyond efforts of my student, John, for the awesome work he did in making the Flash photo capture work. Every applicant to Emerson College Performing Arts since 2007 owes a debt of gratitude to him.

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