Make your 360 quieter, cooler, four times the size

The Xbox 360 — for all the joys it brings from its glowing green eye — is a hot and noisy beast. The Lian-Li PC-XB01 case mod (due for release in August) tries to quiet and cool down the cyclops with a single 120mm fan, optional water cooling and thick, sound-proofing slabs of foam to shut up the damn disc drive. There's a certain hilarity in modders feeling like they need to go to these extremes to correct innate 360 design flaws, but really... the PC-XB01 is four times the size of an Xbox 360. If you want to go to that big to own a quieter, cooler next-gen console that is less prone to breaking down, buy a PS3. Oh no he didn't! PC-XB01 [Lian Li via Hack A Day]
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12 Responses to Make your 360 quieter, cooler, four times the size

  1. toxonix says:

    Actually, my XBOX might still be around if it was 4X the size and in a stealth box. The crack head junkie fuxors who stole mine were able to smuggle it out in one of my backpacks. They didn’t get much else, cause everything else was too big.

  2. w000t says:

    Or, just put your 360 in a mini-fridge–it’s probably cheaper and shouldn’t affect the warranty.

  3. gadfly says:

    I don’t think BBG really wants to get into the fanboy wars…. but I feel compelled to point out the huge software disparity between the xbox 360 and the PS3 (naturally biased in the direction of my fandom). honestly – halo, gears, beautiful katamari, carcassone & bomberman live (and of course the rest of xbox live and the achievement system) outweigh even blu-ray in my book (though of course the best option would be not having to choose one or the other)

  4. Bennessy says:

    I would much rather buy the ‘Jasper’ Xbox when it comes out in the same month.

  5. bizhistories says:

    Maybe this will help Xbox to gain ground on its Nintendo competitor…

  6. dculberson says:

    Yeah, I have a PS3 and will still readily admit that the game library for the 360 puts the PS3’s to shame. I have three games and one of them is a lousy EA port that would’ve been more enjoyable on the 360 (The Orange Box).

    I like w000t’s idea of the 360 mini fridge.

  7. millia says:

    It’s rather more attractive than the current case, by my reckoning. And I’d buy one if only they had made a way to put the external HD DVD player in it, too. The noise from that thing is even worse than the 360.

    But the video is purty, if now obsolete.

  8. fr4nk says:

    Knowing this was coming from Lian-Li, when my Firefox live bookmark cut off the title: “Make your 360 quieter, cooler, four times the…”

    I expected that last word to be “price.”
    It is purty…

    A quick search reveals that Lian-Li now does sell some cases that cost less than a brand-name complete PC.

  9. Enochrewt says:

    Is it bad I actually want one of these? I sit too close to the console, and in order to to drown out the spinning disk I have to turn the sound up way too loud, so my neighbors can hear it.

  10. Pope Bugg IX says:

    That case is reminiscent of the Mac Pro. Sure, this case wasn’t developed my microsoft, but Vista pulled a lot from OS X (where graphics are concerned). Perhaps it not just a software thing anymore.


  11. Agies says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Just call the 800 number and explain the situation. You should still be covered for the flaw.

  12. Lonin says:

    On a related not, my first 360 red-ringed last night after a year and a half of faithful service. Of course, this also coincided with my first 2 games from Gamefly. Fantastic timing.

    Here’s hoping the warranty process is smooth. I noticed that the website says it’s “out of warranty.” I’m not looking forward to dealing with the phone drones.

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