Never get out of bed to blog with the Boom Arm Starbase Workstation

As I increasingly try to introduce exercise and Vitamin D into my blogger's lifestyle, one of the things I miss most are my suppurating bed sores. Those guys and I really had some fantastic adventures. They didn't ask for much — a lancing here or there, the occasional slathering of ointment or table salt — but they were always there for me... a persistent burning, oozing sensation that my brief flings with promiscuous floozies informs me is very similar to the sensation of what you norms might call "love." Charlie, Ralph, Gwyneth, Chase: I know I buried you alive under pink skin and bristling musculature, and for that I am eternally sorry. I will never forget our many fond times together. Still, when we were all together, my bed sores and I, I can't help but think we would have all appreciated this swiveling notebook stand. It really needs a built-in mini-fridge and built-in catheter and colostomy bag to be useful to the successful professional blogger. Even without, though, it helps afford one less reason to get out of bed every morning... just reach over, pull your laptop towards you and it's time for the professional Control+C/Control+V monkey to hit the feeds and earn his millions. At under $300, not a bad investment for a blogger or an MMORPG guild master. Easy Workstation [Official Site via Gizmowatch]
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7 Responses to Never get out of bed to blog with the Boom Arm Starbase Workstation

  1. michaelportent says:

    For people with disabilities, this is an awesome innovation.

    It’s a sad reality, and I really wish it wasn’t true, but I think just as many lazy WoW players will buy this as people who actually need it.

  2. Joel Johnson says:

    Let it be known here: BBG thinks all bloggers are fundamentally disabled.

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOL! Nicely writ.

    This kind of post is why BBG is the first site I visit in my feeds.

    You guys are cool.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’d like something like this.

    Sitting at 90 degrees is thoroughly wrong for me. I’d love a decent video eye display, so I am not chained to a desk to do computery things semi-efficiently with a display at my eye level.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I used to work at a college for the disabled, and we had several devices like this.

    They were very useful for those students, whose disability forces them to spend large amounts of time in bed.

    Personally, I always thought they were over priced for an Office chair base joined to a microphone stand with a piece of perspex to hold a book or laptop.


  6. Bruce Arthurs says:

    I want one of these for my wife, who’s bed-or-chair-bound most of the day.

    But $370? Ouch! I don’t suppose some of the MAKE people would like to brainstorm a cheaper home-built version?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Gee, another device that will help the disabled gets savaged by BB.

    Yeah, I get it, obesity is a stupid problem that makes you fat and ugly and lazy. Hell, I regularly see people who don’t have a lap when they sit, it goes straight from belly to shins, but I don’t think anyone intended this to be marketed to those people. (The bar doesn’t curve to allow for a convex belly for one.)

    I’d love to get these for my sisters who both have neurological movement disabilities. Their laptops in bed are what keeps them sane and connected to the world at the times when they are bedridden. Twenty years ago I’m not sure what they would have done.

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