Pistol Cam shoots while you shoot

Backed by positive reviews from Orange County's SWAT team, the $695 Pistol Cam affixes to handguns and records up to an hour of MPEG4 audio and video. Taking bets: how long until the first "missing footage" scandal from a botched raid? Pistolcams [Wired via Chipchick via UberGizmo

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14 Responses to Pistol Cam shoots while you shoot

  1. oo0oo says:

    @Ingmar – As a Peace Officer (Deputy Sheriff) in Colorado myself, I agree with you on everything except for the warning shot. In Law Enforcement in Colorado, you only fire your duty weapon in a kill or be killed situation. If you fire a warning shot but end up arresting the subject afterwards with no resisting on their part, the Officer could be charged with Felony Menacing.

    We now have Tasers, OC (Pepper Spray), collapsible batons and other less-than-lethal options (eg: bean bags from a shotgun), and most Officers I would hope have half a mind on how to cope with a situation they encounter in a legally, morally and ethically correct way. Obviously the news glorify the ones who don’t so we know this isn’t the case.

    On a side note, there are Taser cams, and I’ve seen footage online, although I’m not sure where taken from them. Most of the Taser firings you see online are from a third party, but there is a camera/battery pack which is seated into the bottom of the Taser itself and records everything. I’ve yet to buy the cam for mine as they’re over $400 out of my own pocket.

    I welcome as much usable/traceable, yet secure new technology into Law Enforcement as it becomes available.


  2. strider_mt2k says:

    Where’s the camera that puts an image into this one when it sees the flash?

  3. geo the moose says:

    this way you dont need to hold that pesky camera when you are terrorizing your murder victims…nice!

  4. Ingmar says:

    Why does everybody think this is a bad idea, or make fun of it? Seriously, it can be used to show that an officer identified himself, fired a warning shot, was threatened, whatever — or not.

    I’d be rather more worried about “spontaneous malfunctions”. This should be compulsory for all law enforcement personnel.

  5. Anonymous says:

    yeah real smart…record death and carnage so you can relive that mistake over and over… Share it with your families at Christmas… Idiots.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait for the flickr channel for gun photos.

  7. Patrick Austin says:

    Man, there’s going to be some screwed up shit on liveleak in a few years.

  8. padster123 says:

    Yep. as per strumpet windsock, Peeping Tom. GREAT movie. Obviously half a century ahead of its time. Ended Powell’s career. But a great movie.

  9. Marcel says:

    Better yet, tie this in with Cory Doctorrow’s story about remote controlled overrides here:


    What if you don’t just attach a camera, but also a function that let’s a third party decide whether and when the gun will discharge?!
    Wouldn’t that be nifty? I’m talking to you, CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS. You know you want it, remote control.
    And hey, not to open a can of legal worms here, but it would make any kill potentialy no signature. So zero accountability.

  10. RJ says:

    I can almost hear Perry Como singing “Magic Moments” while flipping through a government photo album…

  11. szielins says:

    @Marcel : see the Rafael Fernandez short film Oregon.

    (First thing shown will be a commercial, unfortunately– but it will then cut into th film itself.)

  12. PFlint says:

    Liveleak? I’m thinking “YouTube”:

    “Check out this guy’s reaction to getting fired upon! It’s lulz!”

    Hahahaha… heh… huh.

  13. strumpet windsock says:

    Hey, just like that movie “Peeping Tom”

    I suppose you could also use it to spotlight deer.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Marcel, that’s basically the plot of Metal Gear Solid 4.

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