Server room built into ladies' room handicapped stall

There's nothing like tweaking your company's server rack to the melodious trumpeting of a quadriplegic woman who abstains dietary fiber: The Daily WTF has the details on one company's server room that is only accessible through another company's handicapped women's room stall.
A few months back, Jen Frickell's company was given some bad news. When their lease ended, they'd have to move out of their second-floor suite. The good news, however, was that a suite would be available on the first floor. All they'd need to do was pack up and move downstairs. It was a fairly reasonable request, so the company's executives signed a new lease and prepared to move. There was, however, just one, small hitch. The nice little server room they built in the back of their office - equipped with air conditioning units, ventilation, dedicated power, backup power, and so on - could not be relocated. Not only would it cost too much, but there was simply no room for it. The server room would just have to remain upstairs. Obviously, the new second-floor tenant wouldn't want their neighbors walking through their office to access a server room, so building management and the company's executives came up with an alternative: wall off the server room door and build a new one. It seemed simple enough, but there was, however, just one small hitch. The only available wall to install a door was adjacent to the women's restroom. Inside the handicapped stall.
The Stalled Server Room [The Daily WTF]
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7 Responses to Server room built into ladies' room handicapped stall

  1. d2kd3k says:


    Bathrooms are so funny.

    And flatulence, that’s a scream.

    And women, they’re really funny.

    And quadriplegics? They’re a riot.

    . . .

    Um, how is this about gadgets?

    Why is this story intro grossing out about women using women’s washrooms? Why isn’t it about how handicapped stall users shouldn’t have to accommodate traffic from the tech people from the company next door? And why is this on BoingBoingGadgets at all?

    This stuff might have passed for the height of snark and witty commentary in the grade 3 school yard or at your scout troop meeting…but is this the best you can do at BoingBoing?

    Bad snark is so much easier to write than good writing.

    A fervent wish from a reader who has tried hard to enjoy BoingBoingGadgets from its inception: please raise the bar and write like grown ups. We know you have it in you if you just make an effort.

  2. Fnarf says:

    I respectfully request that Boing Boing Gadgets ignore the above advice @3 and keep that bar lowered at least enough that funny can creep over it, and preferably lower than that. A server room accessible only from another company’s toilet is, in fact, HILARIOUS. Maybe you have to have participated in server-room-siting discussions to get it, I don’t know. I wouldn’t think so.

  3. John Brownlee says:

    @3: Well, we’re sorry to have upset your sensibilities, but it’s not exactly like posting about toilets (or even toilet humor) is a common occurrence at BBG. And while the subject matter’s a bit blue, I’m not making fun of women, quadriplegics or even TOILETS here… just the sort of thought process that would cause all three to be united in a server room… a glorious, spectacular disaster of building management.

  4. Enochrewt says:

    Hiow long until the ACLU takes up a handicapped woman’s cause in this?

  5. Halloween Jack says:

    There’s nothing like tweaking your company’s server rack to the melodious trumpeting of a quadriplegic woman who abstains dietary fiber

    Not that I don’t come up with some interesting mental pictures of my own from time to time, but: duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude.

  6. Matt Eric says:

    God, that’s not too bad. At least the resulting server room had air conditioning, racks, and so forth. There’s a picture floating around of a server room built into the [i]actual ladies’ room[/i], literally, right next to a toilet.

  7. JDspeeder1 says:

    So does that mean disabled women aren’t allowed to pee?

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