Tiny universal remote on a keychain from Sourcing Map

SourcingMap.com is the latest online crapvendor to assault my inbox, very much in the DealExtreme.com vein. I'm going to give them a link, specifically to this keychain-sized universal remote that's just $8, shipped, but don't make me regret it, Sourcing Map! I like ruining the ecosystem of developing economies for bags full of unnecessary trinkets as much as the next American, but what I will not stand for is a cluttered inbox. Catalog Page [SourcingMap.com]
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7 Responses to Tiny universal remote on a keychain from Sourcing Map

  1. Anonymous says:

    it will make you in risk,:p, but guys like it when knowing what’s happened there,anyway,great funny way to get you out of office boring.

  2. Bookyloo says:

    Daemon: it’s your lucky day.

    Behold the TV B Gone.

  3. MajorD says:

    Oh man! This has such great potential for starting HUGE sports bar fights! It’s so tempting.

    “Manson swings, and it’s a hard line drive way deep into left field. Gilmore’s rounding third and digging for home. Matetsky’s going back, back, and it’s… You had me at ‘hello’.” WTF!!!

    This evil thing is just absolutely The Nuts! And what with Texas moving to an “Open Carry” ethos, the hijinx would be even hijinxier.

    Just be sure to disguise the thing. Maybe an Altoids box?

  4. CraziestGadgetsdotcom says:

    so now i can lose both my remote and my keys in the couch at the same time?

  5. BenLeGeek says:


    I suppose the TV B-Gone, being opensource, could be hacked to send “turn-close-captions-on” signal instead of the “turn-yourself-off” signal.

    Time to plug your soldering iron.

  6. haineux says:



    If you can’t quite make one fit in a keychain, an ALTOIDS tin is Good Enough.

    I am not deaf, but I do have deaf friends, friends with slight hearing problems, and I personally like to see captions on TVs in sports bars.

    I will DOUBLE the fee if you post a do-it-yourself-type project.

  7. Daemon says:

    I want one that will turn any tv off. Nothing else, just off.

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