Rubik hacks

Just one example from a stupendous gallery assembled by Dark Roasted Blend. Geekiest LEGOs and Rubik Cubes

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3 Responses to Rubik hacks

  1. JamesMason says:

    But how would you know it was “done”? You’d need a corresponding index key or something. Upon further inspection, it’s not really as clever as it looks. Just kind of cool, perhaps.

    Can someone please quantify?

  2. Rick says:

    This isn’t a Rubik’s Cube as much as a Rubik’s Cube-themed sculpture or novelty. There is no clear, intuitively obvious endpoint.

  3. TonksPlum says:

    Actually if you look closer, the faces contain keys in order of how they sit on a regular key board. The trick is to know what this order is. Those who type without looking at their keyboards will be faster at solving it (I can’t do the regular cube so I wont even try this one).

    The difficulty level is definitely higher.. It’s hard enough getting a face of the same color.. But the cubes in the right “order” … I would luv to see someone pull that off.

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