Gigeresque Aliens car mod

Alien queen car russia.jpg
This silver-toothed xenomorph mod job done by a group of energetic sci-fi roughs from Krasnoyarsk, Russia is ready to hit the road at 90mph and chestburst right through the passenger cage of that dinky little hybrid you bought to impress your girlfriend. Why are all the coolest modders from Russia? A hereto unknown physical law of the universe. or a powerful argument for the benefits of low-level background radiation on the creative cortex of the human brain? One suggestion: GPS unit that says "Stay on target! Stay on target!" Behold, the (alien) queen of the road [DVICE]
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6 Responses to Gigeresque Aliens car mod

  1. nutate says:

    Game over man, game over.

  2. Not a Doktor says:


  3. Bluesk1d says:

    Epic win. Best movie ever made. Period.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice car for your first prom date.

    Get away from her you B****!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if FOX has sent a “cease and desist” court order for “copyright infringement” to the guy who made this yet?…No doubt about that one.

  6. Xenomorph says:

    …..A Perfect Organism!

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