MSI Wind hacked to run Leopard

While endless Eee-caliber mini-notebooks tumble to market, most looking like tiny idiot clones of the iBook, the question remains when Apple will jump into the fray. The answer, for various reasons, is probably never, or optimistically "no time soon." But the good news for Mac fans is that the trusty MSI Wind — currently the best-of-breed in the mini-note pageant — can apparently be hacked fairly easily to run OS X. This isn't so unusual, and the usual trouble spots remain: resolution and WiFi aren't adjustable yet. But with so much progress made on getting Leopard running before the Wind is officially released, MSI's little 10-incher is looking like a good investment for the OS X aficionado. OS X on MSI Wind [Insanely Mac]
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5 Responses to MSI Wind hacked to run Leopard

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    I’m curious to see if Dell’s “E” offering can hold it’s own with the Wind.

  2. John Brownlee says:

    Me too… if only because it comes in whore red.

  3. Rajio says:

    tiny idiot clones of the iBook


  4. Latente says:

    “most looking like tiny idiot clones of the iBook”

    uhm paraoind macaque spotted.

  5. John Brownlee says:

    I was referring to the G4, not the clamshell… and I guess it’s just my distaste for the tacky “all white plastic” look the Wind and Eee have co-opted. They always look like tiny white iBooks shrunk down and made extremely cheaply to me. I’m willing to admit, though, that people like it… and the mini-notebook market as a whole is starting to do more creative things with their products.

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