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New electronic shift system for road bikes coming in 2009


Wired's Eric Hagerman reports on Shimano's planned launch of an electronic gear-shifting system for expensive bicycles:

By replacing the conventional levers that pull wound-steel cables through protective housings with solid-state switches and rubber-coated wires, there's no chance for road

Comcast extends wrist to receive FCC slap


Tomorrow, FCC commissioners are expected to sanction Comcast for interfering with internet traffic crossing its network. Today, however, commission Chairman Kevin Martin outlined his vision for an open industry, describing an internet in which reasonable network management coexists with a …

Chuck Aaron, the only FAA-certified stunt helicopter pilot


The Martin JetPack isn't the only thing being shown off at the AirVenture show in Oshkosh. JS Online profiled Chuck Aaron, the only FAA-certified helicopter stunt pilot. He's showing off his skills this week at the air show.

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The Living Lounge Chair


This marvelous chair by JGreen Design, excellently called the Living Lounge Chair, looks like a regular chair frozen in surprise, owner-caught during its secret nocturnal perambulations. Delightfully Mieville-like (Un-Lun-Dun!) and Burroughs-esque (Naked Lunch, passed through the …

An ATM in your living room


At first look, the ATM Bank looks like a toy. You know, the sort of thing best summed up with a remark about training our kids to regard banking as a consumption facilitation service. As it happens, it's pitched as …

AT&T: Use of P2P software is grounds for service termination

AT&T says that the use of peer-to-peer software is grounds for disconnecting customers from its wireless internet service

"Use of a P2P file sharing application would constitute a material breach of contract for which the user’s service could be terminated," …

Sega Toys dreams of hamsters


Guaranteed not to grow giant tumors under their eyes and endure months of pain trapped in a child-administered prison little bigger than a shoebox (How I miss you, Fluffy), Sega Toys' Dream Hamster will cost $11 and last for years …

Diamond-studded iPhone offered on Olympic theme


What's the best thing about De Vere's $8,219, diamond-studded iPhone? That the jewelery is limited to the only part of the device that can reasonably set it, its metal trim. One may increase or decrease the number of diamonds, and …

Modern chopsticks for the digitally imbecilic


I do not admire the elegance, the spirituality, the zen of the chopstick ritual. The fork is the ultimate culmination of food-grabbing technology: it is a chopstick with three smaller chopsticks at the end, and you do not have to …

Yahoo gets it right: will refund customers for DRM shutdown


If you bought DRM music from Yahoo, it will give you coupons or refunds if and when it becomes unplayable as a result of it shutting down its activation servers.

Yahoo Music Store closes on Sept. 30. After that date, …