Cute little battery-powered iPod dock

Surround Xi is a tiny little speaker tube with a USB port. Simply plug in a thumbdrive with MP3 songs on it, and play them. It's about $15 and it's great. Surely originating from the same distant, nameless factory, an iPod-compatible version, branded the "BI-SPVIVID" by reseller Brighton, now comes. The product page is Japan-only, but a whip around shows a few western outlets have picked up the upgraded version. Unfortunately, they're screwing us: Skymall thinks it's worth $70. If you can get it for, say, a third of that, give it a go. The sound's OK and a set of 4 AA batteries lasts for hours. And when it breaks, it may be repurposed as a fashionable pipe bomb, for the discerning revolutionary. Product Page [Brighton Net via CrunchGear]

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One Response to Cute little battery-powered iPod dock

  1. Mark Crummett says:

    He said “fashionable pipe bomb!” Clearly a terrorist! Don’t move; the appropriate authorities have been contacted.

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