HD vision glasses offer man the ability to see the "high-def" other realm

While the brain is powerful enough (in theory) to process a high dynamic range of visual input, the human eye is incapable of actually detecting the reality that lays superimposed upon our own, invisible, just beyond the ken of our senses... the fourth-dimensional other realm of High-Def. The history of science is filled with maverick inventors trying to catch a glimpse of this "High-Def" dimension, much to their peril: consider Dr. Crawford Tillinghast's 1919 experiments to awaken the human pineal gland and — according to the patent — "perceive planes of existence outside the scope of accepted reality"... a series of experiments that eventually led to Tillinghast's gruesome demise. Or consider Dr. James Xavier's 1963 experiment, in which he injected into his corneas a new drug of his own devising... a drug that would allow him to see beyond the visible spectrum. Months later, he was found at a Nevada Tent Revival, maniacally chuckling "I can still see!" to himself... with his eyes gouged out. Chilling. So beware! You might be lured by this advertisement for these "HD Vision Wrap-Arounds." They're only $19.95. They're constructed in that swank "Modern European Style" the movie stars on telly are always talking about. You may even have some excited notions of buying two pairs to wear at the same time, thus allowing you to cheat at Texas Hold 'Em or see women naked whenever you want. But don't do it! It's a trap! Down that path leads ruin, blindness and dismemberment by Eldritch things. The annals of science make things very clear: some things man was never meant to see... but especially High-Def. HD Glasses: Because The Real World Isn't Clear Enough [OhGizmo!]
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4 Responses to HD vision glasses offer man the ability to see the "high-def" other realm

  1. rAMPANTiDIOCY says:

    about the pineal gland thing. . . i think that was DMT and not a pair of glasses.

  2. royaltrux says:

    “glare rays”

  3. SamF says:

    You had me at “see women naked whenever you want.”

    In for two!

    I’ll read the rest of the article later.

  4. Halloween Jack says:

    I can already see women naked whenever I want. There’s this thing called the Internet.

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