Intro to Joysticks features awesome retro games, hot blonde, double entendre theme song

The opening credits for 1983's Joe Don Baker vehicle Joysticks features an alluring, scantily-clad valley girl shaking her ass and spazzing out in front of a line of gorgeous retro arcade cabinets, while a highly suggestive title song tells us:
Keen eyes! Quick Hands!
Energize my soul again!
Gonna see my name in lights!
Playing with my joystick
Wiggle left, jerk it right...
Totally awesome video games!
Not enough for you? An IMDB reviewer describes Joysticks as:
A beautiful majestic and taut thriller set against the backdrop of a suburban video arcade. Joe Don Baker gives us a towering performance as the cliched angry parent wanting to shut the arcade down. It's amazing that even now, 20 years later, the film still inspires, still excites and still amazes even the most jaded movie viewer.
I don't know about you, but this one just leaped to the top of my Netflix queue. But can it ever take place in my heart alongside Rad?
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3 Responses to Intro to Joysticks features awesome retro games, hot blonde, double entendre theme song

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    It’s no “Mitchell”.

    Best theme ever, and a fantastic MST3K episode as well. (10-parter on You Tube, well worth it.)

  2. crushthemall says:

    And a pre-Real Genius Jon Gries as “King Vidiot”? Sign me up…this is getting added to my Netflix queue as I type.

    Now, Rad on the other hand… I dream of a Ebay’d bootleg copy. DREAM.

    Send me an Angel…

  3. valis says:

    Rad, ahhhhhh. So many Chuck Taylors I bought because of Rad.

    I also had many MST3k guys sign my vhs copy of Mitchell too.

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