Modded Xbox 360 controller is better for first-person shooters

Foo Foo writes:
You may remember Microsoft saying they were going to redesign the 360 controller to make it more usable for first person shooters. Well to my knowledge this never came to market. So I decided to build my own version of what I think it would have been like.
You've done a pretty bang up job there! For those of you who might not play that many FPS on consoles, the key point here is that he's moved all the action buttons to the underside, making it possible for him to shoot while never taking his thumb off the second thumbstick, which in most games controls where you're looking. Topic: Remixed Controller []
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9 Responses to Modded Xbox 360 controller is better for first-person shooters

  1. magic whiskey says:

    My middle and ring fingers just aren’t up to snuff to press buttons fast. I learned that the hard way with Rock Band. If it’s not my thumb or trigger finger, I’m lost.

    I can’t see why the need to keep a finger on the face buttons is important to FPS games. The already amazing 360 controller has two triggers and two comfortable bumpers.

    I just picked up my 360 controller to see if the button placement would be nice. It could be, in theory..for the right hand. My left hand isn’t used to pressing controller buttons..just the ‘stick.

  2. musicalwoods says:

    I like it! I always thought it was awkward to remove your thumb from the analog stick to jump, zoom, etc.

  3. RedShirt77 says:

    And here I have been trying to attach a second thumb to my right hand.

    A PS3 mod would be helpful with that 3 button scope aiming for MGS4.

  4. ironman777 says:

    man you should have put xbya below the right anolog stick and where u put them now that be sweet so you could switch between for other game types

  5. ironman777 says:

    anyonymous the old ps2 actually alowed you to use the keyboard for some games i never did it because i didnt have one but i wonder why they didnt do that with ps3 and xbox wtf you can hook it up to a monitor let me use a mouse and keyboard as well!

  6. DeuceMojo says:

    As if the 12 year-olds playing Call of Duty 4 weren’t already owning me. Better dust off the ol’ Viva Pinata.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I lost three fingers on my right hand in a fireworks accident 20 years ago. I am left with only my thumb and little finger hence, my softball teammates call me The Claw. I love FPS games and love my xbox 360. The only problem is getting waxed during live action play by a bunch of youngters, most of which probably have all of their fingers, then hearing about why I only got # kills. Try playing with your thumb and little finger sometime to get feel for the challenge. Its tough covering all of the buttons in lightening fast speed with one finger. I read microsoft was releasing a controller in 2006 for lefties called 360 L but cant seem to find one. A programable joystick would be awesome but anything to even the odds would be nice. Can any of you help me out here? Is there a controller for which the left hand domnates? Thanks for any information. Regards, Claw187

  8. Anonymous says:

    I just wish they would make game consoles support the mouse and keyboard so that you can play FPSs as God intended.

  9. GuabaMan says:

    I like that both sticks are aligned, that’s what i really miss from the PS2 controller.

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