Modern Mechanix Round-UP

Remember kiddies, while doing a bunch of crystal meth may seem to make you more productive, it's all just an illusion. Things just start slipping through the cracks; things like your regular Modern Mechanix Round-UP on BBG. Well no more, here's what we've, er, let's drop the royal we thing, I've been up to on MM. (BTW: I've never been able to figure out why Joel capitalized the P in UP, but he's the boss, so I'll stick with it.) First off we start with this um, er, stilt-cycle? Legicycle? Footcycle? It's a pedal driven pair of legs, one I would very much like to see in motion. In the plain old weird crap department we have an atomic golf ball designed to be easy to find in the rough with your handy geiger counter and hit with your giant golf club, fish trained to swim through a hoop, an early pedometer/proto-gps backpack, the new sport of barrel dropping, and an inflated "hot" suit for entering rooms full of plutonium. Actually the last one is kind of funny. An eagle eyed, yet heretofore silent reader of the site pointed out that I had posted an identical image a few years ago. This reminded me that one of the first communities that started regularly linking to the site was a Hazmat fetish Yahoo group called HazmatBabes. Actually if you go to the site, the main image is from MM. Anyway, back to the Round-UP. In transportation we have Denmark's 1930 submarine/plane, a weird boat that floats on rollers, one man's bizarre looking "solution" to the helicopter problem, an auto racer with built-in perch for your pet lion, the first trailer for a movie star, a stuntman's attempt to test the durability of tires by driving straight into a brick wall (don't ask, I don't understand it either), and a flying whirligig. Plus Popular Science asks if the autogiro will banish airplanes and Modern Mechanics (as it was spelled before 1932) takes us on a tour of torture devices from old convict ships. In the computers section we have a 1979 round-UP of revolutionary personal computers. What's so special about these computers you ask? Well you can actually buy software for them instead of writing it your self! Also, from Play Girl magazine (not that one), we learn that Men DO MAKE Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses. And... well, I'll save the rest for the next, hopefully quicker, update.
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4 Responses to Modern Mechanix Round-UP

  1. boldenone says:

    This reminded me that one of the first communities that started regularly linking to the site was a Hazmat fetish Yahoo group called :))sustanon 250

  2. devophill says:

    All these comments are fucking spam. Except you, Joel.

  3. Joel Johnson says:

    Round UP!

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