The ultimate Metroid MAME cabinet

Every once and a while, I spot a custom MAME cabinet that sends every extremity tingling as pure retro-gamer lust courses through my body, and the sensation lasts just as long as it takes me to bottle myself up again and convince my core fiber that I don't actually care about vintage arcade gaming enough to build a cabinet for it. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to hypnotize myself back into an apathetic state after seeing John Keeler's Metroid MAME cabinet, though. The stickering is incredible enough — lovingly printed decals of Samus, the Space Pirates and the gorgeously pixelated geometry of Planet Zebe's cthonic alien depths. Also impressive are the built in ports for vintage NES, SNES and N64 controllers, arrayed across the front of the cabinet for easy access. But the piece de resistance: a throbbing pink Mother Brain... sculpted out of polymer clay, and pickled within the casing itself. So now the quandary: do I spend five grand furnishing my new apartment next month, or do I build one of these and sleep for a couple months in the bath tub? That bath tub is looking more and more like a comfortable porcelain womb in which to dream of ice beams and Chozo power suits. Metroid Mother Brain Super Console [Arcade Controls via Gearfuse]
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2 Responses to The ultimate Metroid MAME cabinet

  1. error1 says:

    would it still be a MAME cabinet even if its not an arcade game?

  2. GuabaMan says:

    Nice detail with the Chozo statue holding the trackball.

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