Mr. Asahi, the robot bartender got a chance to go to the Asahi Beer Brewery and check out their eponymous robotic barman, Mr. Asahi. He only serves Asahi, unfortunately, and there's a great deal of chest thumping about how his hyper-complex robotic innards took "eight engineers two hundred man hours to put together" (in other words, a Bank Holiday work week), but I look forward to a future in which I am drafted Heffeweiszens with micron perfect heads by robotic bartenders. The first time one goes into kill mode on me for drunkenly forgetting to pay my tab? Well, not so much.
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7 Responses to Mr. Asahi, the robot bartender

  1. ssaargent says:

    @#3:”Do you want some more?”

    Awesome. I’m glad someone else thought of that too.

  2. schönberger says:

    john, i thought you lived in berlin. so how come you misspell “Hefeweizen”?

  3. grenz says:

    A, very good, maybe something for Roboexotica…

  4. godisafiction says:

    Share and enjoy!

  5. Zarniwoop says:

    Shoulda called it iZac, tbh. ¬_¬

  6. strider_mt2k says:

    I’m reminded of the one in “The Fifth Element” as well…

    “Do you want some more?”

  7. mdhatter says:

    Looks better than what the Sirius Cybernetics Nutrimatic Drink Dispenser offers.

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