Texas Instruments pico projector prototype in a Blackberry carcass

Crunchgear's Peter Ha has a very quick video hands-on with a prototype pico projector from Texas Instruments. The little LED-lit projector has been stuffed into the case of a Blackberry Curve — sans the innards of the phone itself. That means we've got a ways to go before seeing these projectors in actual phones, but miniaturization being what it is, we can't be more than a year or two out from watching modestly sized videos beamed directly from our gadgets. I'm very excited about this technology. It's not a game changer, but in certain circumstances — hotel room stays, sharing media with a small group of friends in a bar — it could be a great feature. Video: Hands-on with the TI Pico projector [Crunchgear]
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3 Responses to Texas Instruments pico projector prototype in a Blackberry carcass

  1. yer_maw says:

    this shits gonna be HUGE>

  2. caipirina says:

    something looks wrong about this video … the guy keeps shaking / moving the ‘blackberry’ but the image is surprisingly stable … hmmm

  3. ixpah says:


    straight from the horses mouth:

    Video could be faked, but the technology isnt.

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