Cabel Sasser's fireworks packaging explosion! (image! gallery!)

Cabel Sasser's gallery of fireworks packaging is not to be missed, especially if you love viewing our society through the eyes of a Photoshop-equipped Chinese factory designer. Yay! Fireworks! [ via ★] PreviouslyCabel Sasser Finds OS X's "Awesomest Finder Bug of All Time"
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5 Responses to Cabel Sasser's fireworks packaging explosion! (image! gallery!)

  1. kleer001 says:


  2. Stefan Jones says:

    Here’s one I bought last year:

    Puppy love

    The label has lots of clip-art pictures of people playing with dogs.

    What a cruel joke. Nearly all dogs are terrified of fireworks.

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    I’m really glad you brought this up.

    Not only have I noticed the killer images on the fireworks out in Pa. as we were attending the Kutztown Folk Festival, (not AT the fest, but in the surrounding countryside) but I gave in at age 42 and got myself one of those “cap bombs” that fires those plastic “cap gun” caps when you drop it on a hard surface.$1.20%20Cap%20Bomb.jpg

    That and a huge cap refill cost like 3 bucks.
    I haven’t played with caps since…

    Well anyway, we’ve developed a routine where someone yells “‘merca!” (America!) and then we drop it and set it off. (This is usually while drinking.)
    Stupidest funnest dam stupid fun! Awesomeness.

    I MIGHT even have enough caps to last me till the end of the week when our vacations is over.


    Have fun!

  4. chef says:

    @1: I had one of those! I also had a lame one like that that had a plastic grenade on top of the striking point, making it unwieldy to fire the cap in any manner but “stabbing” the grenade against a surface. Mmmm…… I can smell the caps now….

  5. bjacques says:

    That’s nothing. I used to have a fountain cone called “Golden Shower.”

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