Chuck E. Cheese Rock-afire robots in MGMT music video

The Chuck E. Cheese robotic house band the "Rock-afire Explosion" moonlights in this music video 'Electric Feel' from the band MGMT. (Is that an Illuminatus reference?) I snipped out a couple of clips with the Rock-afire robots, but the entire video is online. It's pretty nifty looking in a distinctly '80s-meets-CGI way. [via Waxy] PreviouslyChuck E Cheese bots modded to play hiphopVideo: documentary on Showbiz animatronic band
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4 Responses to Chuck E. Cheese Rock-afire robots in MGMT music video

  1. elvisneedsboats says:

    Showbiz Pizza, yo! I know it’s easy to confuse your animatronic pizza chain bands.

  2. leebenningfield says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s their quintessential track by any means. I think the video is cool, a lot better looking the Time To Pretend video, and I’m glad their getting more exposure.

  3. zuzu says:

    Ugh, this is why I can’t get into MGMT, even though Time to Pretend is actually pretty interesting; the people who really like MGMT all reference Electric Feel as their quintessential track, and it makes me gag.

    I dunno who’s behind the whole Kitsuné / Ed Banger / Institubes bloghouse / nu-rave sound devolving into a craptacular “flower power” Phish concert, but I’d like them to stop.

    That Bag Raiders remix track is hot though.

    As is Mr. Miyagi’s remix of Cicada’s Beautiful.

  4. zuzu says:

    Correction: Polyphonic Spree would probably be a more apt analogy than Phish; but my gist still stands.

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