Darth Vader desktop bobblehead

The bobblehead phenomenon has always been inexplicable: the grotesquely inflated, fluid-filled skull of a hydrocephalic, re-appropriated as an icon of adorable kitsch. But where as a Mask branded Eric Stoltz bobblehead would doubtlessly seem offensive, this kneeling Darth Vader bobblehead is being universally cooed over by bloggerdom: he's a lovably geeky desktop buddy! And extra points for skull-to-torso ratio channeling Rick Moranis as Spaceballs' Dark Helmet. Darth Vader Bobblehead [Monsters in Motion via Nerd Approved]
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One Response to Darth Vader desktop bobblehead

  1. eustace says:

    If only he would from time to time softly intone, “Yes, Master.” Ssssss hssssss.

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