Portable NES can be used to play itself

A couple months ago, I swirled my own inner genius around my rotating brain pan, jammed a stick through my inner ear canal and plucked out a cherry-red crystalline spool of cerebral cotton candy. "How wonderful it would be," I groggily mused as you all pretended not to notice the alarming rivulet of blood trickling down my lobe, "If someone would hack an old NES cart and install speakers, a D-pad and a screen, so that the cartridge itself is a portable version of its own game." Apparently, someone has eaten my brain meat flavored cotton candy. I take credit for his creation. The NESp is exactly what i described above: a portable NES built into a cartridge, complete with speakers and a screen. I do wish the screen was a bit bigger, but this is a heck of a prototype. It needs a bit of work, like front mounted start and select buttons, but I'm simply tickled that I've been given the opportunity to claim credit for the work of someone far more industrious and talented than me. This is called "consulting." My first but awesome NESp [Ben Heck Forums]
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4 Responses to Portable NES can be used to play itself

  1. fr4nk says:

    Well, that beats mine: 5″ PSone screen, rechargeable battery pack, plays cartridges… but it’s about the size of 2 Atari Lynxes to accomodate the original NES mobo.

  2. LSK says:

    Do you have to blow in it to get it working?

  3. mistercharlie says:

    The obvious evolution is a Duck Hunt version. The game and screen would be housed in the gun itself, necessitating some kind of quantum infinite regress in order to play it.

    The next time I am in Berlin, Brownlee, you can pay me my consultancy fee in beer and then take the gun and use it to defend yourself against the perverted “cops” that you seek out in the sordid hours before dawn.

  4. Caroline says:


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