ST-2 shooting simulator lets you use own gun

Marksman Training Systems' £30,000 ST-2 is touted as the first simulator for demanding shooters needing an off-field training system. Putting aside the cheesy appearance (Mad Dog McCree jokes that write themselves are forbidden forthwith from the comments) the sim incorporates a complete ballistics model, allows you to use any gun thanks to patented tracking technology, and gives detailed feedback on exactly how you managed to miss a 700lb Kodiak Bear at 8 feet with a 10 gauge shotgun. The BBC has a segment covering its use by young British sportsmen. If you want a go, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation will be touring with it throughout the autumn. Product Page [via Born Rich]

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7 Responses to ST-2 shooting simulator lets you use own gun

  1. V says:

    But does it have an annoying cartoon dog that pops up and laughs at you?

  2. se7a7n7 says:

    There has to be a zombie level

  3. AirPillo says:

    “But does it have an annoying cartoon dog that pops up and laughs at you?”

    Darnit, beat me to it… though suddenly I’m inspired to enclose a working handgun inside of an NES Zapper and take it to a real shooting range.

  4. Rob Beschizza says:

    I so dearly wanted to photoshop that dog in, but it’s really not a video game (as they are apparently very defensive about) and didn’t want to be a dick.

    Zombie level, however, really should be mandatory. Survival is not a game.

  5. Scuba SM says:


    There’s a couple of real .22 hand guns that don’t look too far off. All you’d really need is some spray paint.

  6. mdhatter says:

    SE7A7N7 – YOU are the NEW Hunter Hero!

    [/big buck hunter pro]

  7. SeattleGuy says:

    I agree 100%, there does need to be a Zombie mode.

    Is there a Dick Cheney mode that allows you to insert pictures of your friends and family?

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