Brando has 16-port USB hubs in stock

Sixteen-port USB hubs are oft-blogged but never seem to be available for purchase. "Where do I get one?" is one of the most frequently-asked reader questions. If you're prepared to drop $140 on one, Brando has a batch on sale, right now. Product Page [Brando via Pocket Lint]

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6 Responses to Brando has 16-port USB hubs in stock

  1. Rob "Useless Vitriol" Beschizza says:

    “a shitty old laptop and a pile of legos… ”

    Sounds like a party!

    Jordan, a bad device shouldn’t be able to mess up a USB port, unless it’s independently powered.

    A good USB controller should be able to deal with it, though — you might once in a while have seen your computer warn you about power spikes from bad USB devices. i.e. the hubs are supposed to know how to deal with it.

  2. mdhatter says:

    I was just discussing a device like this with my father this afternoon (as I ran a cable for him, toward a USB port that didn’t exist).

    The two-computer swapping feature is real nice, though I imagine it plays heck with Windows.

    Thanks for reading my mind, BBGadgets!

  3. Downpressor says:

    the only USB hub I’ve ever been happy with is my Dr Bott 7 port unit with full 5V to each port.

  4. meerkat says:

    Fantastic news – I am envisioning some type of awful home-built Roomba utilizing this device, 14 mini-vacuums, two flashing USB lights for looks, a shitty old laptop and a pile of legos…

  5. jordan314 says:

    I’ve gone through three USB hubs and seem to be burning through a forth. Either they overheat or I think my MIDI keyboard is frying them; they just stop working. Anyone know why this is happening, and if I bought something like this, would there be anything to prevent it from happening again?

  6. andbigdaddy2 says:

    “Because Brando has what computers crave.”

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