Shocker chair great for execution-related festivities, amusements

Bring cruel and unusual to the party with the Shocker Chair: all the hilarity of capital punishment, none of the cleanup. Note the coin slot and cash receptacle – talk about affordable justice! From the product page:
Experience the gruesome Shocker electric chair with 2,000 volts involved. It’s guaranteed to make you tingle. Let your friends see the smoke rise as the voltage is increased. Risk Assessment Little or no risk.
Brighton, England, used to have a wonderful old-style arcade museum packed with pre-1970s vintage amusement machines; one of them was very much in this vein. [Machine World via Born Rich]

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7 Responses to Shocker chair great for execution-related festivities, amusements

  1. Rob "Useless Vitriol" Beschizza says:

    The old one in Brighton was definitely electric! I wouldn’t be surprised if modern models were not, though. It’s just begging for complaints and lawsuit threats and the like.

  2. Stefan Jones says:

    The Dave and Buster version is definitely of a vibratory nature.

    I hung on for quite a while when I “played.” I writhed and twitched and screamed for an appreciative audience.

  3. napstimpy says:

    Until the early 1908s, Disney World used to have a shocker machine in their Main Street Penny Arcade. It was a tall wooden console with a light-up meter and two brass doorknobs. You grabbed the knobs and held on as long as you could stand the current. As a kid, I thought it was amazingly cool and dangerous and I was sad to see it go (long before the Arcade itself was gift-shopped).

  4. HermanCheesepump says:

    This was an arcade machine – I’ve seen them in several arcades around England and Europe. I had a go on one in Spain — you do indeed have to hold onto the electrodes as long as possible. And it did have a smoke machine built into the top.

    It was, I think, one of the most expensive machines in the arcade, and was inevitably at the front (out on the street) for maximum spectacle.

  5. Reverend Loki says:

    I’ve seen this at several Dave and Buster’s in the US. As I understood it, the “electrodes” are just glorified, suped up vibrators. Not the kind to operate at any sort of nice, pleasurable frequency, but really really high frequency, moving a very short distance, thus producing an unpleasant tingle in your palms not at all unlike an electric shock. Hence, though I wouldn’t be surprised if “1,000 volts” were involved, no actual electricity touching the “rider” (well, maybe a token amount, like you get from a 9 volt battery? Don’t know) means no real risk.

    At least, that’s how I always interpreted how it works. Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

  6. Anonymous says:

    UK coatal towns have had these for AT LEST 10 years.

    It knows when you let go, and prints out a little ticket of hpw many “jolts” you were able to withstand – if you hit the maximim the macghine does, indeed, smoke.

    The secreate to it’s safe “shock”? – the “electrodes” do not carry a current – they mearly vibrate.

    There was also a stand-up version built into an arcade cabinate with an “addams family” theme – you had to hold the “electrodes” untill the bulb in Fester’s mouth lit-up.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm, my mental image of a “Shocker Chair” differs significantly from this…

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