Casio SK1 synth becomes puppet master hockey organ

The organist as puppet master, his music divorced as mere soundtrack to the flashing blades and spurting arterial gouts. Instead, with the help of this repurposed Casio SK 1, he becomes the conductor! The keys control the movement of the tiny mechanical hockey players while two vid-cams capture the icy homuncular carnage. Hockey Organ [Matrix Synth via MAKE]
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3 Responses to Casio SK1 synth becomes puppet master hockey organ

  1. cubby96 says:

    Sounds like an idea straight from the mind of Max von Sydow as Brewmeister Smith in Strange Brew

  2. BCJ says:

    Strange Brew is an awesome movie. This just made my day.

  3. dculberson says:

    Take off, you hoser! Actually, I think my favorite line was “Those hosers horked our clothes!”

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