ISO-TIP: Rechargeable soldering irons from Wahl

Toolmonger points out that Wahl, makers of nearly indestructible* hair clippers, also has an entire line of cordless, rechargeable soldering irons under the "ISO-TIP" line. Each use NiCD batteries, but some take longer than others to recharge — from one hour to as many as four. Prices vary per model, from $50 to $100. The ISO-TIP irons look like they haven't changed design in thirty years. In this case I consider that a good thing. Product Page [ via Toolmonger] * My little Wahl Peanut, which I use on my beard, has been on the fritz lately. I took it apart last night and everything appeared to be in order — there's really not much to go wrong! — but it keeps blowing out the safety circuit in the bathroom socket. The powerful little motor may be giving up after a year or so of daily use.
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11 Responses to ISO-TIP: Rechargeable soldering irons from Wahl

  1. hohum says:

    I’m with #3… Weller makes a heck of an iron! Although my go-to iron right now is a Pace… Something about being able to password-protect my soldering iron makes me giddy.

  2. Dillenger69 says:

    I’ve got a 20 year orange old one of these floating around somewhere. I might have tossed it.

    The ultra-intelligent design had a light bulb that came on when you press the button to heat the tip. If the bulb burns out the thing won’t heat up. The bulb burns out quite a bit.

  3. zuzu says:

    The ultra-intelligent design had a light bulb that came on when you press the button to heat the tip. If the bulb burns out the thing won’t heat up. The bulb burns out quite a bit.

    I imagine it’s possible to open it up and replace the bulb with an LED in this day and age. Soldering on a soldering iron == delicious recursion.

  4. morcheeba says:

    Joel – hmm… then I’m stumped. I assume it’s not in a pool of water when it trips. Anything else plugged in to the GFI? Any luck with trying another GFI?

    I love my Metcal… here’s the most recent project I’ve been soldering up (with the help of a stereo microscope, of course):
    The metcal is the opposite of the wahl – ultra light weight, fine tips, but tethered. I loved the Weller microtip we had at the office, but that only soldered really small things (e.g. ICs, not wire)

  5. Moon says:

    I believe I still have one of these in my tool box from FORTY years ago.

  6. Moon says:

    It is a delicious ORANGE color, though. None of this pansy yellow or gray!

  7. monopole says:

    Wahl, Nearly indestructable!!! Obviously coming from somebody who doesn’t know many cosmetologists. Wahl trimmers are the joke of the industry.

    Personally, the wahl trimmers I owned were so poorly designed that they sucked hair into the body of the system, When it stopped I tore it apart and found that the entire body of the trimmer was filled with hair.

    I went over to Panasonic which makes trimmers that have a compartment behind the blade which can be immediately cleaned by popping off the blade assembly. The motor and blade assembly are isolated from the hair accessible area by a bearing assembly. Good design.

    Incedently, Wahl’s vibrator line has the admonition to not use them in erm “private” portions of your body, simply becase the Wahl family is uptight about that stuff.

  8. morcheeba says:

    Joel – I assume it’s tripping your ground fault interrupter (GFI), not a fuse. These basically measure the current going out one of the two electrical wires and makes sure that the same amount of current is coming in the other wire… if the two aren’t the same, then some is probably going through your body and that’s a bad thing. So, look for any exposed wire that you may be touching. Also, try a different GFI (some houses wire one GFI to multiple bathrooms, so watch out for that)… if it still triggers, it might be time to buy a new trimmer… those faults have been protecting you!

    • Joel Johnson says:

      Morcheeba: I can make it happen even when I’m not holding it, so I think something is drawing down power where it shouldn’t be. The whole casing is plastic, too; Don’t know where I’d draw in current, although I suppose some might be coming through my beard!

      Anyway, are you saying I shouldn’t be doing this in the shower?

  9. HunterZ says:

    Ugh, why are companies still using NiCd batteries? They’re highly toxic, have severe memory issues, and die in a couple years of moderate use.

    Personally I still use the Weller soldering iron that I inherited from my dad. It’s probably older than I am and it still works (although my dad changed out the thermostat once).

  10. zuzu says:

    Anyway, are you saying I shouldn’t be doing this in the shower?

    The day I can no longer solder in the shower is the day they pry the iron from my cold dead hands! :p

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