Krell introduces the KID: the Venus de Milo of iPod docks

Behold, the Krell Kid. Don't let its nickname — "The Papa Dock" — fool you: although the Krell's branding attempts to associate itself with a certain hard core gangsta rapper from Eminem's 8 Mile, what you are looking at here is one of the finest aesthetic specimens to ever escape from Moldovia's world-renowned design co-ops. Only $4,000.00, which might be considered a tad on the expensive side for an iPod dock, but surely anything that blends so sinuously and seamlessly with Apple's own lofty design standards is worth the price. Krell KID iPod Dock [Krell Online]
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6 Responses to Krell introduces the KID: the Venus de Milo of iPod docks

  1. dculberson says:

    I can’t hear this company’s name without thinking about Krull. Or krill.

  2. Atomische says:

    But, will it instantaneously project solid matter to any point on the planet, In any shape or color I might imagine? For *any* purpose?

  3. Josh Michtom says:

    Are you sure Krell’s branding isn’t trying to make a link with a certain Haitian dictator?

  4. Anonymous says:

    “but surely anything that blends so sinuously and seamlessly with Apple’s own lofty design standards is worth the price.”


    I see, like, 10,000 exposed screws – and that’s just on the front.

  5. Joel Johnson says:

    In 1959, Papa Doc suffered from a heart attack and sustained oxygen deprivation that may have affected his sanity. He had been a diabetic since early adulthood and also suffered from heart disease and associated circulatory problems. On May 24, 1959 Duvalier suffered a massive heart attack and, possibly as a result of a subsequent insulin overdose, was unconscious for nine hours. Many associates believed that the neurological damage he sustained during the long period of time he was unconscious affected his mental health and made him paranoid and irrational.[3]

    Quoth Wikipedia.

    I declare the Kid Dock-for-Life!

    Also, I think the Papa Dock is a separate product that the Kid actually slots into.

  6. toxonix says:

    What?? It looks like a $50 amp kit box. Maybe the brushed aluminum looks like a mac book pro? I prefer the old white plastic ones myself. At least they were honest.

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